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Undertile electric heating

Electric under tile heating by Devimat

Warm tiles on the bathroom floor.

A tiled floor looks great. It's hard wearing, hygienic and it's very practical. It is the natural choice and an elegant solution for all bathrooms and en-suites, but tiles are invariably cold to walk on. Not so nice when you step out of a warm bath or shower!


The DeviMat 100 electric under tile heating system

Discover the opulence of a warm floor with Devimat 100 heating system. The system offers more than just warmth and comfort, it's energy efficient, with running costs much lower than you might expect. The mat design also ensures a quick and simple installation. As well as a comfortable warm floor, the heat generated from a Devimat will drift upwards, contributing to the ambient room temperature and drying the floor quickly when wet, further enhancing safety and cleanliness.

Whilst Devimat will contribute to the over-all heating in a shower or bathroom area it should not be relied upon as the primary source of heating. It is recommended that Devimat work in conjunction with a traditional heat source such as a towel rail or conventional radiator.

Order your Devimat 100

Ordering the Devimat 100 couldn't be simpler. simply work out the area you need to cover, excluding any floor obstructions like baths or sinks (you don't want to heat under anything). Then choose the closest size mat available to your measurement. Remember, you need to use the full mat purchased - you may not cut it down. It is therefore better to be slightly under size than over.


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Devimat Size Chart


For your new warm floor you need a mat and a thermostat

Product code

Area to be warmed (m2)

Heating Load (watts) Price inc VAT  

The Devimat 100

The Devimat 100 is a self-adhesive mesh with an ultra-thin heating cable pre-attached which is just 3.5mm thick. The mat design not only enables a fast installation, but as the heating cables are already spaced out on the mesh, an even heat is guaranteed across the whole floor, with no cold ripples. As the mat is so thin, it can be installed within the thickness of the tile adhesive adding no appreciable height to the floor. The mat is 500mm wide and is available in various lengths.


Devireg 550 programmer

This controller is a combined thermostat and timer which fits into a standard 47mm single socket box. The 550 is programmed to monitor the floor temperature using the floor sensor which is supplied with the controller and Devimat 100. The 550 is designed to be user friendly and incorporates a 'one button does it all' technology. Each day can be programmed individually to switch on when required thus ensuring minimal running costs.


Devimat Safety

The Devimat heating cable meets the highest UK and European standards and is the only thin heating cable with a complete aluminium earth sheathing. The earth sheathing that surrounds the heating controller is there for your protection and safety and is essential when installing in your bathroom or wet room.


1.0 100 96.15  


1.5 150 109.13  


2.0 200 126.18  


2.5 250 146.99  


3.0 300 164.26  


3.5 350 182.69  


4.0 400 198.43  


5.0 500 221.68  


6.0 600 252.64  


7.0 700 282.93  


8.0 800 318.92  


9.0 900 332.93  


10.0 1000 345.91  


12.0 1200 430.75  

Devireg 550 Electric Thermostat / Timer




White 90.00  


Silver 96.22  


Devimat under tile heating installation guidelines

Calculate the floor area in which you will install Devimat under tile elctric heating Make provision for the temperature sensor probe. This monitors the floor temperature. Lay your Devimat out, sticking it to the floor. To change direction simply cut the backing mesh (only) When you're happy with the layout of your Devimat tile floor in the normal way
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
The free area where the floor heating is to be fitted must be measured to determine which size Devimat is needed. A groove is cut into the floor and wall approximately 10mm deep and wide for the floor sensor and tube. The tube allows for easy removal of the floor sensor required. Before laying the self adhesive mat, the existing floor should be clean and dry, primed if necessary. Once the mat has been tested, it is then rolled out and laid on the floor. Upon reaching the end of a mat run, simply cut the mesh, turn the mat and lay the next piece beside the first. The red heating cable must NOT be cut. Lay the tile adhesive and tiles in one operation. A flexible tile adhesive and grout should always be used.


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