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Wet room shower screens

Wet room shower screens

Glass screens and panels for walk-in wet room showers

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Glass shower screens for wet room showers

To compliment your beautiful wet room shower you might wish to contain the splashes within the shower area with an equally attractive glass shower screen.

Wet room shower screens differ from those we have become used to. By their nature wet room showers merge seamlessly into the surrounding floor. By their description the floor is designed to get wet. There is therefore no requirement to contain water behind a barrier as there would be with a conventional shower tray. For this reason, not all wet room shower screens have floor runners and/or frames across the access. By having no need for framework flowing lines can be achieved that greatly enhance the aesthetics of the overall appearance. No framework also means no obstacle over which you need to step.

Mid-wall or corner installation

The position of a wet room shower within a bathroom will of course determine the most suitable type of screen. A mid-wall shower may for example need a single large glass panel with entries on both sides, whereas screens suitable for a corner shower might include a curved glass panel and maybe an end panel to create a 'walk-in' style enclosure.

Designers of wet room shower screens have differing ideas about fixings. Some rest the glass panel directly on the floor whereas others support the glass on a small foot - lifting it slightly leaving a small gap at the bottom.

For your convenience we have a selection of modern minimalist designs of wet room shower screen from which to choose:

Novellini wet room shower screens and enclosures

Novellini wet room shower screens
Combining minimalist design with strength, Giada enclosures exude style and quality with their low profile frame, robust door hinges and metal door handles for ease of operation.

Novellini Giada wet room shower screens for corners


Novellini Giada extra wide shower alcove doors and inline panels

GIADA wet room corner shower enclosure

GIADA wet room alcove shower doors

Novellini Kuadra wet room walk in shower screens and enclosures


Kuadra wet room shower screens



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Shower screens, doors and panels for wet room showers.