How do you make a wet room shower?

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Create a Wet Room Shower

Everything you need to build a wet room shower

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Constructing a wet room shower

What used to be an awesome task has become a whole lot easier these days. An extensive range of products designed to cope with building requirements specific to the UK have resulted in substantial advancements in construction and waterproofing technologies.

Whether you are creating a new-build or adapting an existing facility, such a range of innovative products will save on time and therefore cost while confidently leaving you in the knowledge that the job has been completed properly - first time and every time.

1. Wet room shower design ideas

Wet room shower design ideas

A guide to planning your perfect wet room - with useful tips


2. Wet room shower Floor Construction


Constructing the floor of a wet room shower


Installing a 'wet floor' to timber and screed floor constructions


3. Wet room shower floor Formers

Floor formers to create the slope of a wet room shower

Prefabricated floor formers for all types of floor construction


4. Understanding wet room shower drainage

Drainage for wet room showers

Wet room waste gullies. Linear, square and pumped drains for tiled or vinyl flooring


5. Wet room shower waterproofing


Tilesure tanking membrane kits for showers and wet rooms. Simply the best!


Waterproofing and tanking products to ensure your wet room remains fully watertight


6. Wet room shower glass screens

Glass shower screens and panels for a wet room shower

Beautiful frameless glass wet room shower screens


7. Undertile Heating for wet rooms and bathrooms

Untile tile heating - the luxury way to heat your bathroom or wet room shower floor

A touch of luxury. Take the chill off a tiled wet room floor with undertile electric heating


8. Disabled showers and special needs wet rooms

Wet room showers for special needs - half height shower doors

Level access wet room showers and special needs equipment


9. Half height wet room shower doors

Half height shower doors to suit wet room showers

Half-height shower doors for wet rooms and shower trays




Products to build a beautiful wet room shower

Constructing a wet room shower has become a whole lot easier these days. An extensive range of products designed to cope with building requirements specific to the UK have resulted in substantial advancements in construction and waterproofing technologies. With the availability of a host of elegant glass screens and unlimited tiling options, it is now possible to produce a fantastic wet rooms shower that will look stunning and stand the test of time - even with limited experience.


Simply follow a few basic steps using a few tried a tested products and you will be surprised how easy a watertight wet room shower is to build.


You may be creating in a new-build or adapting an existing facility, the products are now available to ensure you get the job right first time, every time.


Whether you are discerning home owner who wants to enhance property value and enjoy a beautiful wet room shower, an interior designer who is placing a reputation on the line or a tradesperson to whom time is money and reputation is everything, using the right products will make ensure success.


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A beautiful walk through wet room shower

1. Design

2. Floor Construction

3. Floor formers and drains

4. Waterproofing

5. Glass screens

6. Heated floor


1. Decide on the style and size of your wet room shower

Your biggest decision is how large an area you wish to devote to your wet room shower.

Remember, a wet room shower blends visually into the remainder of the room making the space appear bigger as there is no step or discernable footprint as with a shower cubicle and tray.

Think about what sort of drain you would like (for example, square or linear), where you would like it positioned and how you would like the floor to slope (see product range for examples).

Click here for a guide to designing and building a wet room shower.

Corner, Alcove or Walk-through?

Walk through wet room shower   Corner wet room shower

2. Look at the construction of the floor

The vast majority of bathroom and shower room floors will either be constructed from timber (floorboards on floor joists) or screed (a solid floor that appears to have a concrete type finish).

Choose a wet room shower floor former appropriate to the floor construction.

Click here for more information on types of floor

Timber floor or Solid screed floor?

Wet room shower on a timber floor construction

3. Select the appropriate wet room shower floor former

Achieving the correct slope in the floor is key to getting your wet room shower right. Creating the slope using a floor former makes the job easy. Trying to overcome this task manually can be a laborious and time consuming chore that is more difficult than you think - many have tried, most have failed!

When a wet room floor former is used, the former (as we know it) incorporates exactly the right shape and fall (to encourage water towards the drain) and can be installed in a fraction of the time a manual attempt can take. Once the floor is the correct shape the hardest part of the job is done. Click here for wet room shower floor formers

Deck, Screed former or Linear drain?

Aquadec EasyFit wet room floor former  Aqua grade wet room shower floor former for screed floor

Concrete wet room shower floor linear drains

4. Ensure the shower area is watertight


This could arguably be the hardest thing to achieve and if you get it wrong you have got big trouble. Even the best waterproof tile adhesives and grouts can become porous it time. This is not necessarily due to poor workmanship as buildings breathe, they swell and contract with temperature, which in turn causes minute cracking giving water a route to ingress.

After much development the solution is surprisingly simple and totally effective. By a process known as 'tanking' the wet room shower area is completely sealed before it is tiled. This way, if water should penetrate the tiled layer it has nowhere to go. There are different products available for various surfaces, each of which offer you the assurance that you won't suffer any nasty damp patches.

Waterproof tanking systems

Tilesure tanking membrane kits for showers and wet rooms. Simply the best!

5. Enclosing your wet room shower area

You may or may not wish to screen off your wet room shower area. There are many delightful glass panels designs to choose from if you do.


Whether your wet room shower is in a corner, in and alcove or mid-wall as a walk-through there are many styles of framed, semi-frameless and frameless glass panel shower screens to choose from.


If you prefer more privacy when you shower choose screens with satin glass modesty panels.


Wet room shower screens

Wet room shower screens

6. A warm tiled floor for the ultimate in luxury


As beautiful as a tiled floor may be it can be cold to walk on. You can however change the ambience of your shower room floor by adding undertile heating. The incorporation of a very fine electrical heating element under the tile lifts the floor temperature to a cosy level that can be adjusted and programmed to your liking. What's more, it is incredibly cheap to run. Not only does a warm floor feel wonderful to walk on, it also dries quicker. Safety is therefore enhanced and potential odours from dampness eliminated.

Undertile heating kits

Undertile electric heating

7. Disabled showers and special needs wet rooms

The beauty of a wet room shower should not be limited to designer bathrooms. The practicalities of the wet room shower make the concept ideal where a step might prove difficult or obstructive to the user.

Level entry is ideal for wheelchair users or when lifting feet proves difficult. With no thresholds or height transitions to negotiate entry is easy.

Wet room floors can be tiled or vinyl clad with proprietary non-slip coverings for extra safety. Wet room floors may also be used with half-height shower doors and screens to facilitate carer assistance.

Escape institutional appearance with the modern styling of a disabled wet room shower facility.

Half height shower doors to compliment your wet room shower

Disabled showers and wet rooms


Waterproof wall panels - The Brilliant alternative to tiled walls for bathrooms, wet rooms and showers

Part of the process of creating your wet room will require attention to your finished wall coverings. Needless to say you will need to protect the structure of your building from moisture penetration.

Tiling is probably the most familiar solution to this issue and this may be exactly what you have in mind (don't forget to take a look at the tanking systems).

Before you make your final decision it might be worth taking a look at these excellent new products that are delightfully simple to install and absolutely waterproof.

The advantage of using panels (such as Hydropanels, Multipanels and Mira Flight Panels) is not limited to convenience. Their guaranteed waterproof performance gives them an impressive advantage over traditional wall coverings.

The problem with tile grout and adhesive is the porosity that inevitably develops over time. This leads to mildew and the more worrying possibility of dampness penetrating behind the tiles. With totally waterproof panelling this is of course is no longer an issue.

Waterproof wall panels for shower areas




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