Half height shower doors and screens

SUPREME Half height shower doors and panels

Superior quality half height shower doors and screens

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SUPREME half height shower doors and panels

As their name may suggest, the Supreme range of half height shower doors and panels really are a superior quality product. Powder coated aluminium frames (also available in silver) and virtually indestructible semi-opaque panels ensure safety, durability and long service.


Disabled shower enclosures

Disabled shower enclosures comprise several key components. Working from the ground up there is of course the shower base. The 'base' as we refer to it can be either a shower tray or wet floor (also referred to as a wet room). Then there are the screens and/or doors that are commonly half height with this type of enclosure (facilitating carer assistance if necessary), finishing off with a shower curtain suspended from a curtain rail which commonly mirrors the footprint of the base.


Supreme half height shower doors (Option H chrome finish) creating a wet room bi fold door shower enclosure

Low level shower trays

For the purpose of explanation we shall refer to the shower base as a shower tray (even though is could be a wet room floor which we deal with in great detail here). The shower tray sets out the footprint size of the shower area you will create. Shower trays for disabled shower enclosures are typically low profile (some have a ramped edge), offering easy entry and exit (even level access) for wheelchairs and users who find managing steps a problem. To view our extensive range of low level shower trays please click here.


Half height shower doors

Common to a disabled shower enclosure is the concept of half height shower doors and screens. The reason is simple, such a configuration facilitates carer assistance without the carer having to get soaked by overspray. Half height doors and panels also offer the bather a degree of privacy and minimise the claustrophobic effect of tall panels when seated. The upper section can of course be closed off with the addition of a shower curtain and rail. There are numerous configurations of half height shower doors and panels to accommodate almost all situations. An extensive range of half height door and panel configurations are offered below, although bespoke sizes and configurations can be manufactured.


Shower curtains and rails

Shower curtains make the perfect companion to half height shower doors and screens, offering the best of both worlds - access for a carer and total privacy as and when either are desired. The shape a shower curtain follows is of course dictated by the curtain rail. These are available to mirror the shaped of the shower tray and screen/door enclosure and a range of high quality rails are available in their own section on this website together with useful solutions for difficult installations.


Shower Tray, Shower screens and doors and shower curtains with rails

Using this guide will help you package together a disabled shower enclosure with the exact components that suit your specific requirements. Starting with the tray, choose the size and shape that serves your purpose. Then work your way up with doors and screens, finishing off with curtain/s and rail/s to suit. We hope you find this process simple. If it all gets too complicated you are always welcome to call for assistance.



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SUPREME half height shower doors and screen panels





Half height shower doors and screens for carer assisted showering