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Wet room showers explained

About Wet Rooms (Showers)

wet room showers explained

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History of wet room showers

Wet Rooms and Wet floor showers are a relatively old concept in parts of Europe, but fears of leaks and problems with floor construction have historically met with a cool reception in the UK. But all that is changing. With the advent of wet room floor formers and waterproof tanking systems it is so easy to let your creativity flow in the full knowledge that the systems available won't let you down. Enjoy that minimalist style knowing that your waterproof tanking system is taking care of business.

Benefits of a wet room

So why have a wet room? A wet room is much more versatile than a shower cubicle or enclosure. Not only do you have more scope when designing your bathroom, but access is vastly improved. Wet room showers not only look great but they also offer very practical level access (a huge bonus to persons with special needs) and a particularly spacious appearance in any shower area. The wet room concept allows the showering area to blend naturally with the rest of the room and can be screened or left open - the choice is yours!

Products to build a wet room shower

Using a specialist floor former overcomes the biggest challenge of creating a wet room - creating the correct fall. A floor former establishes a perfect slope towards the waste outlet, removing this often difficult technical challenge. Furthermore, a floor former is invariably stronger than the area of floor it replaces so structural integrity will actually be improved. Used in conjunction with the tanking membrane the wet area can get wet whilst the rest of the building stays totally dry. It really has become that simple. The following range of products will help you to achieve the perfect result.

Floor formers are extremely tough. Wet room shower floor trays can take up to 40 stone of weight and yet they are light enough to be fitted by one person.

Wet room materials and advice

If we can be of assistance by explaining how it all works and what you might need please don't hesitate to give us a call. We are always delighted to offer friendly 'no obligation' advice. Because we are specialist suppliers of all kinds of shower equipment we can pass on massive savings on all our products should you choose to go ahead with a purchase.



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