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At a glance you might think one shower enclosure is pretty much the same as another. There is however the matter of style and quality. Not all enclosures perform to the same standard. There will always be a place for the cheap and cheerful, but not here. We endeavour to bring you quality at the best possible price.

The manufacturers of the products we offer have been selected for their dedication to excellence and customer service. From years of experience we know you don't need to compromise on quality to enjoy a great product.



Novellini Shower Enclosures

Novellini. Beautiful Italian style. Range of frame colour and glass type

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Custom Built Showers

Bespoke shower enclosures built to your specification.

When an off-the-shelf product won't do we can supply bespoke.

Discover how to order a custom built enclosure.

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Eastbrook showers

Eastbrook offer a comprehensive selection of affordable luxury

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Bath Screens

Bath screens

Over-bath shower screens to fit on the side of your bath.

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Half-height shower enclosures

Half height shower doors and screens. Ideal for carer assistance.

A comprehensive range of half-height screens and doors for corner or alcove

Wet Room

Shower wet room. Evertything you need to construct the perfect wet room shower.

Wet floor shower screens, shower doors and glass panels



Bath Replacement shower enclosure

Bath replacement shower enclosure


If you are thinking about taking out your bath and installing a shower enclosure take a look.


Bath Replacement Shower enclosure


Stable style shower doors

When your needs are somewhat beyond the norm.

Full height glass shower doors and enclosures with split level opening