Shower enclosures with stable doors

Tastefully designed glass shower enclosures that facilitate carer assistance

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Carer assisted showering

The thought of carer assisted showering used to conjure up images of hospital type screens and curtains.

These days with so many families choosing to look after elderly relatives at home it is often necessary to modify bathing facilities while retaining an attractive appearance.

Shower enclosures that facilitate carer assistance.

Carer dependent bathing

Thankfully, there are now some tasteful solutions to choose from that will facilitate access for the assistance a dependent bather may need whilst retaining an attractive and modern appearance perfect for use by all the family.

Split (stable style) shower doors

Take for example the split 'stable type' shower door. The ability to open just the top panel so that a carer may stand outside the shower area and assist without getting drenched offers clear advantages. This function is cleverly disguised when the locking handle secures the upper and lower panels together so they operate as a single panel.

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Carer asstance with glass shower enclosures and split doors