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Carer assisted bathing has truly evolved into an elegant thing of beauty


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The ELEGANCE Collection by EASA

The days of institutional looking shower products for carer assisted showering is a thing of the past. The Elegance collection by EASA will seamlessly blend into any bathroom environment to provide facilities that offer unobtrusive access should a carer need to assist, yet may be enjoyed by all the members of a discerning family who do not want function to compromise beauty.

EASA Elegance shower enclosure with split 'stable style' glass shower doors - assisted showering has evolved

Premium quality glass shower doors for disabled and assisted showering

You may wonder how so many criteria can be met in a single range? The Elegance Collection utilises toughened clear glass in a minimalist semi-frameless models with options of split 'stable door' design in the L2 and L3 styles that facilitate access for a carer to lend a hand without having to get soaked.

The ingenious design utilises an attractive handle that turns to lock or unlock the upper and lower door panels together allowing each to be opened independently of the other.

Single panel full height doors are also an option, as are a bi-fold option which minimises the swing of the door into the room.

Bespoke shower doors customised to your specific requirements

Should internal space or the swing of a door be an issue, the Elegance Collection offers extender panels that can be married with a full height single panel door, a bi-fold door or a 'stable style' door depending on your needs.

What's more, EASA ELEGANCE shower doors and enclosures can be manufactured to your exact requirements. This bespoke service adds nothing to the cost.


Manufactured to British Standards the Elegance Collection carries a Lifetime Warranty.

Configuring your ELEGANCE shower enclosure

For your convenience Elegance shower doors are sold individually. This is to say, for a corner installation you need to buy a door for the left hand side and another for the right. Your choice is not however limited to having the same configuration on both sides. You could for example have a stable type door on the left and a single panel pivot or fixed panel on the right. The choice is yours.


VAT Relief on your purchase

Under certain circumstances VAT Relief is available on this product range. You are welcome to call for advice or check out the criteria here >>>



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EASA L1 shower enclosure - Full height fixed glass shower panel EASA L2 shower enclosure - Split level (stable style) hinged glass shower door EASA L3 shower enclosure - Split level (stable style) glass shower door with extender panel

Full Height Fixed shower screen Panel

'Stable Style' split shower door

Split shower door with extender panel

EASA L4 shower enclosure - full height glass hinged shower door EASA L5 shower enclosure - full height glass hinged bi-fold shower door EASA L6 shower enclosure - full height glass hinged shower door with extender panel

Full height single shower door

Full height bi-fold shower door

Single panel shower door with fixed extender

EASA L7 shower enclosure - full height glass fixed panel with hinged flipper panel EASA L8 shower enclosure - full height glass bi-fold shower door with extender panel EASA disabled showers carry a lifetime guarantee

Fixed shower screen with small 'hinged flipper' panel

Bi-fold shower door with fixed extender panel

The Elegance shower door Collection by EASA






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