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EASA  Elegance hinged bi-folding glass shower door (L5)

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EASA Elegance bi-fold glass shower door

Full height bi-folding hinged glass shower door (L5)

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Bi-folding hinged glass shower door (L5)

EASA Elegance L5 is a bespoke bi-folding full height (1900mm) glass shower door and is compatible with all other types of door/panel from the EASA Elegance range.

A bi-fold shower door has many advantages over its rigid single panel counterpart. Bi-fold is often ideal where space is at a premium as the door will fold along the line of its middle and hinge out of the way, facilitating maximum access to the shower area with minimal incursion into valuable room space.

The L5 bi-fold door may be used on its own in an alcove up to 1000mm wide, with another door or panel in wider alcove shower scenarios, or with another door or panel to create a corner shower enclosure.

The L5 bi-fold shower door is a bespoke product that can be ordered in any width up to 1000mm.

Please note: The bi-fold doors shown below are fitted with the large 'easy grip' handles. This type of handle is an optional extra. A button handle is supplied as standard.

A pair of EASA Elegance bi-fold shower doors configured to create a corner shower enclosure.

L5 is a beautiful semi-frameless glass bi-folding shower door which may be hinged left or right from an adjacent wall.

Image top: is a corner shower enclosure utilising 2 x L5 hinged bi-folding glass shower doors (one left hand and one right hand) configured as a corner shower enclosure.

Doors are shown closed in the picture but when opened fully they fold back against the adjacent walls to give maximum access.

Manufactured to British Standards the Elegance Collection carries a Lifetime Warranty.

EASA Elegance bi-fold hinged glass shower door

VAT Exemption: Under special circumstances VAT Exemption may be available. Check here

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EASA Elegance L5 hinged bi-folding shower doors

incl VAT (each)

L5 Full height plain glass hinged bi-folding shower door up to 1000mm wide 507.00
Optional Large 'easy grip' handle (as shown in picture) 136.50


Door options in the Elegance Collection

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EASA Elegance L5 bi-fold shower door




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