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Novellini - Shower doors, shower enclosures and screens

 Italian style for your beautiful shower room by Novellini

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Novellini -

The beauty of Italian shower design

Rarely does beauty and function go hand in hand.

Novellini shower screens, doors and enclosures embody the beauty we have come to associate with Italian design.

Novellini's innovative approach to design results in a range of shower screens, doors and enclosures that are aesthetically pleasing and eminently suited to the task.

One might not be able to afford the opulent pleasures of an Italian supercar but the joy of interior design from the masters of chic is only a breath away.

It's so easy to transform your shower ritual from a routine to an experience by incorporating the beauty of pleasing lines. 


Novellini Shower Enclosures - Choose your range...





Novellini Brera

 Novellini 'Elysium' Collection

Novellini BRERA shower enclosures from the Elysium Collection

Novellini Rose

 Novellini 'Elysium' Collection

Novellini ROSE from the Elysium collection

Novellini GALA

 Novellini 'Elysium' Collection

Novellini GALA shower enclosures



Novellini Kuadra 2.0

shower door collection

Novellini Kuadra 2.0 shower enclosures and doors


Novellini Shower Columns and towers

Novellini shower towers and shower columns. Fully integrated bath and shower control within a convenient and easy to plumb one-piece column.

Shower Towers and combined shower and bath fillers


Bath Replacement

Bath replacement shower enclosures

Bath Replacement Shower

Replacing a bath with a shower is a popular adaption these days. View our range of shower enclosures suited specifically to this task.