Bath replacement shower enclosures

Bath Replacement Shower

Shower trays, screens, panels and cubicles to replace a bath


When a bath becomes difficult or dangerous to use maybe it's time to convert your bathroom with a shower

Replace your bath with a full sized shower enclosure that takes up the same footprint.

Replace a bath with a shower of the same size

Replacing a bath with a shower pod or shower enclosure is becoming a very popular adaptation in the modern home.

Whether the thought of soaking in grimy water has lost its appeal, or maybe the onset of limited mobility has determined a shower to be the best solution, there are numerous products to help facilitate the transition with little fuss.

The convenience of a shower cannot be questioned. Using a fraction of the water a normal bath requires, a shower is a super way to reduce fuel bills as you will reduce water usage to a minimum.

The modern shower enclosure can be regarded as a thing of beauty and can be equipped with many luxuries such as  seating, lighting, steam, body jets and even an entertainment system.

Replace your bath with a full size shower enclosure.

Modern, elegant designs. Replacing a bath with a shower enclosure is easy

The removal of a bath can often leave awkward scars and telltale signs that can be tricky or expensive to hide.

The newest evolution of shower enclosure and shower pod offer panels behind which services can be run and 'not so good' walls can be hidden. This can minimise or negate the need for tiling and repairs.

The result - a beautiful and functional shower enclosure where once a bath stood with the minimum of fuss.

Whether you wish to keep a traditional feel to your bathroom or you wish to embrace the ultra modern, there are shower enclosures, panels and pods to suit your discerning preference.

Please take your time to browse the numerous products we offer to help you achieve your perfect bath replacement.

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Showers to replace a bath

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