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 Maxi size tub style walk in baths

Extra large size tub style walk in baths

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Extra large walk in baths

The fuller figure may require a larger bath. A wheelchair user may need a bath designed for easy transition. These premium quality walk in baths as designed accordingly. Caution is advised - check your access route to where you propose to site the bath. These may be too big.


The TRANQUILITY slide in/walk in bath

Tranquility slide in bath. The extra spacious walk in bath ideal for transition from a seat or wheelchair.



Designed as a walk in or slide in bath. Two sizes options - wide & extra wide.

The TEXAS tub style walk in bath

The Texas walk in bath. Shown here with the wide entrance door opened back and the warm air spa jets visible.

Generous internal space, outward opening door and a host of luxury options.

The CALIFORNIA tub style walk in bath

The spacious California walk in bath

A spacious bath with and inward opening door.




Or might you consider a style from the following:

A walk in shower bath

Walk in shower bath. A traditional low level bath with door entry (walk in) and a shower area with screens

A walk in bath with a shower area - something for all the family.

Bath with lifting seat

Lifting seat bath.

A walk in bath with a powered lifting seat for the ultimate in luxury.

Traditional walk in bath

Traditional style low level walk in bath

Conventional low level design but with the benefit of door entry. See the range.