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Deep immersion 'tub style' walk in baths

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Higher seat position and deeper immersion

A tub style walk in bath might be considered to offer several benefits over its low level contemporaries - not least of all deeper immersion.

But the benefits don't end there. If stepping over the rim of a traditional bath becomes an unpleasant or dangerous enterprise a bath with door access and low step height becomes an attractive alternative. If sitting down and standing up also spoil the enjoyment of bathing the tub style walk in bath becomes a realistic choice with its higher seating position.

Taking up a small footprint, the tub style bath presents a seat height similar to that of a dining chair. The taller design offers deeper immersion and gives the user plenty to hold on to during entry and exit. The door of course means easy access and low step height.

Take a look through this premium range:


Compact walk in baths

Ideal when space is at a premium. Choose from models with inward and outward opening doors

Midi size walk in baths

Door entry, convenient seat height and deeper immersion in a range of sizes.

Maxi size walk in baths

All the features and benefits of a tub style walk in bath but with generous internal space and wide access door.



Or might you consider a style from the following:

A walk in shower bath

Walk in Shower bath. A walk in bath with a shower area for multipurpose use.

A walk in bath with a shower area - something for all the family.

Bath with lifting seat

A walk in bath with a lifting seat

A walk in bath with a powered lifting seat for the ultimate in luxury.

Traditional walk in bath

Low level walk in baths

Conventional low level design but with the benefit of door entry. See the range.