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A guide to walk in baths

Assisted Bathing with a Walk-in easy access bath with door entry

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Buyers guide to Walk in Baths

Enjoying one of life's most basic pleasures is your right, not a luxury. For many, getting in and out of a bath can for a number of reasons literally become a hurdle.

A walk in bath solves many of the issues by providing door entry via a low step. A higher seating position can make the task of sitting down and standing up so much more easy. The taller design of bath gives the user something solid at a convenient height to hold onto while entering or exiting the bath, while the low level bath style blends seamlessly into any conventional bathroom.

All in all, a walk in bath gives you back the pleasure of bathing and helps you regain your independence.

Before you make any decisions or spend any money take a look at our useful guide to Buying a Walk in Bath.

Guide to Walk-in Baths

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Easy Access walk in bath

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Traditional low level bath with door access

Traditional low level baths with easy access via entry door


Deep immersion, space saving small footprint, convenient seat height

Upright tub style walk in baths. A bath with a door for easy access and higher seat


Traditional low level bath with door access and a screened shower area

Walk in shower baths. Multi-functional bath with door for easy access and dedicated shower area with shower screen.


Traditional low level bath with door access and powered lifting seat

Walk in bath with pwered lifting seat - the ultimate in luxury.


VAT Relief on Walk in Baths

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Taps and Brassware to suit your Walk in Bath

Choose from several different thermostatically controlled bath fillers and bath shower mixers to compliment your walk in bath.

Thermostatic brassware suitable for use with a walk in bath

Tap Options. Click here to see taps, bath fillers and bath shower mixers suitable for use with a walk in bath.

Useful features including lever control and thermostatic temperature control all help make your bathing experience safe and pleasurable.

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