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Fitting an Aquadec

Installing a wet room shower

How to fit an Aquadec

Constructing the floor of a wet room shower


Install an Aquadec wet room floor former in a few simple steps

The Impey Aqua-Dec Wet Room system couldn't be easier or simpler to install. Competent DIYers can fit the Aquadec within a couple of hours, experienced fitters even less. Just simply follow the 11 easy steps and you'll have a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing showering area.

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Guide to Sizing an Aquadec

install1.JPG (14345 bytes)

Step 1:

Trace around the edges of the Aqua-Dec onto your floor so that you have an accurate template.

install2.jpg (15249 bytes)

Step 2:

Carefully cut around your template and remove the floorboards.

install3.jpg (15283 bytes) Step 3:

Place the Aqua-Dec in the newly-cut hole to ensure that the aperture is accurate and correct.

install4.jpg (16308 bytes) Step 4:

Once happy that the hole is correct, take the Dec away and check joists on all sides to ensure that they are all level and plum so that the Dec's pre-built gradient will work efficiently.

install5.jpg (14330 bytes) Step 5:

Connect the trap to the waste outlet ensuring that it is positioned centrally to the Dec drainage aperture.

install6.jpg (14142 bytes) Step 6:

Once happy that the Dec fits the hole and waste meets the centre of Dec's outlet, add noggins to support the edges and then place your Aqua-Dec into position.

install7.jpg (11227 bytes) Step 7:

Check Waste again for accurate central positioning as it would be extremely difficult to get to after this point and can cause problems if undetected.

install8.jpg (14106 bytes) Step 8:

You can never check too much, ensure Dec is level and once happy pack up accordingly.

install9.jpg (14922 bytes) Step 9:

Again, once happy that your Dec is level, screw into place ensuring that it is flush with surrounding floor to fit vinyl or tiles.

install10.jpg (13900 bytes) Step 10:

The trap-a-dapta is drilled and screwed in place. Waste fitting from top access shower trap is screwed into place.

install11.jpg (11593 bytes) Step 11:

When completed, the tilesafe membrane and tiled or vinyl floor can be fitted in an approve manner. 

Click here for all the products you will need to construct your wet room project

Please Note: This guide is based on installation to floating or timber floors. The Aqua-Dec can be fitted into concrete floors, but the installation method will differ according to local site conditions. For further information please don't hesitate to contact us.



Aqua Dec Wetroom Installation Videos






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