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Novellini Shower Trays Novellini showers

Shower Trays by Novellini

Shower trays by Novellini

  • Superb range of sizes and designs to suit a wide variety of applications

  • Highly stable

  • Unique Steel and Aluminium reinforcing profiles built in to the tray structure

Novellini Shower Trays - a comprehensive range for all installation types


Low profile and level access shower trays

Slimline 35 ultra low profile shower tray

low profile shower trays

Ultra-low profile shower tray suitable for

low level and level access (when recessed).

 Skirting duct and additional ramp options. Ideal where a carer or wheelchair may add to the loaded weight.

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  • Ultra low profile

  • Minimal step height

  • Edge ramp options

  • Up to 40st (250kg)

  • Ideal wheelchair


Slimline 35 shower trays - ultra low profile shower tray

Mendip shower tray

Low profile shower Tray with above floor waste:


Lowest possible profile (90mm) whilst maintaining above floor waste outlet pipe.

(ideal if under floor waste is not an option)


  • Strong

  • Above ground waste

  • Easy to install


Mendip low profile shower tray 2

Super-Ultra low access shower tray

A range of Super-ultra low profile (4.5mm) shower trays that offer near level access.

  • Ultra Low Profile

  • Near Level Access

  • Wheelchair friendly

  • No ramp required

  • Strong construction

  • Easy installation

Super Ultra low profile shower trays by EASA


Low profile Universal Shower Trays:


Low profile shower trays suitable for surface mounting or recessing into floor.


  • Low profile, 

  • Easy access, Ramp compatible


Universal low profile shower trays

Low profile Smart Shower Trays:


A clever tray that can be cut to length. Ideal for unusual widths or irregularly shaped alcoves. Also great to replace a bath.

  • Variable length

  • Will cut to exact size, 3 Sided

  • Floating end cap makes good the cut end.

Variable length low profile shower tray with or without ramped edge. Cut to length.

Special Needs Shower Enclosures and full shower cubicles

Special Needs Shower Enclosures

A vast choice of half height shower door and screen configurations to create showering enclosures ideal were easy access or carer assistance is necessary


Half height shower doors

  • Tray and door systems for special needs and easy access uses

  • Half-height doors

  • Supplied with shower curtain and rail options

Level access shower enclosure with half height shower doors

Special Needs Shower


Full shower cubicles with half height doors ideal for disabled persons

  • 2 and 3 sided shower cubicles

  • Free Standing

  • Leak-Free

  • Half Height Doors

  • Bi fold or pivot door options

  • Shower Toilet cubicle option

  • Hand basin option

Self contained low level access shower enclosure with half height shower doors

Wet room shower equipment



Wet Room

Shower Floor Trays


Everthing you'll need to create a beautiful wet room shower


Wet room shower floor former trays

  • Wet room floor trays

  • Waterproof Tanking

  • Shower Screen Options

  • Contemporary yet ultra functional

  • Ideal for modern domestic or special needs installations

Wet rooms - floors, formers, shower screens, waterproofing and kits.

Leak free self contained shower pods:

Self contained shower pods, leak free and easy to install.

 Shower pods are the ideal solution to eliminate dampness caused by leaky showers and tiling.



  • One-piece shower enclosures

  • Tray, Panels, walls

  • Leak-free systems

  • Many sizes up to two person


Self contained luxury shower cubicles and steam pods

Pumped drainage for showers

Pumped drainage

solutions for showers

 When it is impossible to rely on a gravity to take waste water to a convenient drain you may need to install a waste water pump.


Numerous pumped drainage solutions are available according to shower tray type.


Shower waste water pumps


Pumps for shower waste water


Walk in Baths

Walk in Bath

Breathe independence back into bath time with a walk in bath.

Easy access bath with a door

Dignity and independence make bath time a pleasure once again.

Optional whirlpool spa system.

Higher seating position make entry and exit easy.

Thermostatic water temperature protection.

Choice of taps and showers.

  • A bath with a door

  • Higher seating position makes sitting and standing easier

  • Solid support during entry/exit

  • Inward opening door ensures leak-free operation

  • View our comprehensive range

walk in bath - a bath with a door for easy access

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