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Guide to shower pods, enclosures and cubicles


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A guide to shower pods and leak free shower cubicles

Shower Pods, Cubicles, Enclosures, Wet Rooms and special needs

Designing a shower area using a leak free cubicle, screens and doors, shower pods or create a wet room

Before you spend your money it is wise to find out as much as you can about your intended purchase. Failure to do so might end up in tears.

Choosing the right shower

 - can be a torturous process. Not only will you want to imprint your own style on your creation but you will probably have to work to tight budgetary constraints. It pays to set out with some sort of game plan, an idea of what you are endeavouring to create and how much you intend to invest in your project.

Choose the style of shower you prefer

-for example, a minimalist walk-in shower enclosed only by clear glass panels rather than doors? Or do you prefer a more traditionally styled enclosure with a door? Does your shower room or bathroom permit such style criteria? Maybe a wet room is more in keeping with your vision. Take a good look around to glean ideas before you begin to create.

Leak free showers

One of the biggest issues over the years with showers over the years has been leaks. Talk to most shower owners and they will probably have a story to tell. So it is important to consider the integrity of your planned installation before you begin otherwise you might be repeating the process sooner than you think!

How leaks in showers begin

Of course there are glues, adhesives and grouts that are 'waterproof' but remember buildings are living things - they shrink and swell with warmth and cold as if to breath. So, your grout and adhesive might be waterproof but after a while micro-porous cracks will develop where water can seep and mildew can prosper. A seep may turn to a trickle, then you discover a moist patch with the smell of dampness. Now it's too late. How porous are your tiles?

Plan your shower installation carefully

Put as much thought and consideration into planning and you'll create something that you can enjoy for years, something you can be proud to show your house guests.

Cutting corners could be a recipe for disaster

Quite frankly there's no substitute for quality. A cheap shower tray may look like a bargain, but when it cracks or flexes and in turn breaks the waterproof seal around it you will end up with a problem. Cheap fittings will always look cheap. Having to buy something twice doesn't equate to a saving. Having said that, if you buy smart you can obtain a quality product at an advantageous price. That is where we hope to be of service.

Bargain price should not mean inferior product

All the products you will find on this website we consider to be quality items. We simply won't deal with 'bucket shop' bargains. If we believe a manufacturer's standards have dropped we will drop them - believe it we have! There is no need to peddle second rate rubbish, but beware there are many who will.

Help is always at hand

Whatever you are trying to achieve or create we hope you will find products on this site that will help you reach your goal. Best of all and unlike many other companies we welcome you to call and discuss any aspect of your project, ask questions about shower products, seek advice or guidance, or to simply find out what's out there that might suit. Although we sell shower equipment we do NOT believe in 'hard sales' so you won't be bothered by us (or anybody else) because you have called. Whether you envisage a unique and trendy designer shower room or you have special needs to cater for, don't hesitate to call our friendly and helpful staff without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

To get the ball rolling here are links to various types of shower for you to consider.... happy browsing!


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