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Envirotec corner, quandrant and alcove shower pods

Envirotec Shower Pods

Shower pod solutions that ensure no more leaks


Envirotech shower pods offer you a simple solution to leaky shower enclosures.

After years of development there is now a choice spanning the most popular shower enclosure sizes so you may never need to suffer leaks again.

The shell of the Envirotec shower pod is a mighty strong multi-layered composite polymer constructed in much the same way as the hull of a boat - totally waterproof. The sleek modern minimalist design ensures your choice of shower pod will blend seamlessly into your bathroom environment. The smooth high-gloss finish of the surface gel coat is easy to clean, only requiring a wipe over with soapy water or a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner.

Installation could not be simpler. The shower pod shell does away with the need for traditional tiling, and with that goes a time consuming job. No tiles means no grouting. No grouting means no maintenance and no possibility of leaks over time. No leaks means you won't suffer from the associated smell of mildew, so your bathroom will always smell clean and fresh.

The Envirotec pod is designed so it simply cannot leak. Conventional shower enclosures rely on the integrity of the joint between the shower tray and the tiled wall to prevent the escape of water. The Envirotec pod has a moulded upstand that reaches far up the wall where it joins to the upper panel hence nowhere for water to go except down the drain.

Buy just the shower pod shell without the doors

Unlike most shower pod manufacturers Envirotec offer their shower pods in component parts. If you simply want to do away with tiled walls and leaky shower trays then choose the shower pod shell only. To this you might wish to fit a curtain and rail, or a door configuration from your favoured manufacturer. We do of course offer several complete packages, but the choice remains yours.

To complete the picture, Envirotec shower pods are available in a choice of three colours - porcelain white, black granite and sandstone granite. Shower pods are available with or without legs facilitating low access with an under-floor waste or above floor waste with legs and plinth panel.

Please take a while to look through the comprehensive range of options offered within the Envirotec range. It's sure to wake up the creativity within!


Choose from the following ranges

Corner shower pod

Envirotec Corner shower pod in black granite finish

View range

Quadrant shower pod

Envirotec quadrant shower pod in black granite finish

View range


Offset and rectangular shower pods

Envirotec offest corner shower pod in porcelain white finish

View range

Alcove shower pod

Envirotec alcove shower pod in porcelain white finish
View range

Envirotec shower pods are available in the following colours

Porcelain white colur swatch Sandstone granite colour swatch Black granite colour swatch
Porcelain White Sandstone Granite Black Granite
[Colours may vary depending on screen settings]

Maintenance free, strong and durable

The concept of the 'shower pod' is fast catching on in the UK albeit a product that is firmly established in other countries around the world - particularly the USA.

The simplicity with which installation takes place cuts fitting time considerably. Wall surfaces need not be great as the shower pod shell covers imperfections. There are no 'advanced or specialist' abilities needed to carry out the fitting task which puts installation within the capability of a competent DIYer or trades person with basic plumbing and building skills.

As standard - adjustable feet help with levelling the shower tray

All units are supplied with adjustable feet to assist with levelling. If the waste can be piped away below floor then the step-in height is a mere 50mm. If the waste needs an above floor route then a leg kit and plinth panel are available

Optional: Adjustable legs raise the shower tray enabling the waste to be run above floor level

Shower pods install in no time...


1. Prepare the floor with the waste and the water supply pipes.

2. Attach shower equipment to the shower pod shell running flexible tails (H&C or just C) down back.
Prepare the waste pipe. If this needs to be recessed into the floor a channel needs to be made before placing the shower pod into position Install the shower equipment: The shower pod will accept either an electric shower or a mixer shower. This should be installed before the shower pod is positioned and water supply tail/s dropped to floor level where connection/s will be made

3. Move unit into position connecting water supplies on the way and the waste outlet trap.

4. Having secured the shower pod shell to the building structure doors may now be fitted.

Push the shower pod into position and secure to the wall Fit shower doors
'Top clean' waste trap with domed chrom top

Each unit is supplied with a 90mm 'top clean' waste trap complete with an attractive chrome coloured dome and a flexible waste coupling for ease of connection. The waste trap can handle an impressive 32 litres per minute of waste water making it suitable for power showers.

Flexible waste connector makes waste pipe coupling easy

What's the shower pod made of?

Picture shows composite layers that make up the walls and tray of the Envirotec shower pod

The surface of Envirotec is an Isophthalic, antibacterial gel.

This gives it excellent physical strength, excellent handling characteristics, makes it easy to clean, resistant to heat and superbly resistant to corrosion.

Behind the surface coating is a high-end GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) of a grade normally only used in ocean going yachts. This will ensure many, many years of trouble free water resistant showering.

Behind the GRP is a special resin infused particle board (RIPB). This gives the product extra rigidity and strength and allows for the shower doors, valves and additional accessories to be attached directly to the unit without having to go through to the wall behind. Behind the RIPB is abother layer of GRP. This encapsulates the entire unit making it impregnable to moisture.

Choose whatever shower equipment you like to complete your Shower Pod installation
One of the beauties of the Envirotec shower pod system is your freedom to choose exactly what equipment you wish to install.

The Envirotech shower pod can accept any type of shower equipment - electric, mixer or power shower.

In a nutshell, it's open to you to choose. We can of course help in your selection process, explaining the advantages, disadvantages and no no's of different types of shower. We can even supply shower equipment as part of a package.

Simply let us know, given the choice, what you would like to have and we'll help.

If your water system is supplied via a mains pressure cylinder, a combi boiler, a power shower pump or a simple gravity hot water cylinder you may wish to install a mixer shower. Below are a couple of models of mixer shower that offer thermostatic protection (to TMV2) that will be suitable for use with the above mentioned systems.


Bar type surface mouthed mixer valve with hose, handset and riser rail.

Super package offers - see pod

Bar type surface mouthed mixer valve with hose, handset and riser rail + diverter to rain head.

Super package offers - see pod






Envirotec leak free shower pods

Due to a policy of continual improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without notice



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