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Leak free corner quadrant shower pods by Envirotech

Envirotec Corner Quadrant shower pod

800 and 900mm Leak free quadrant shower pods


800 x 800 and 900 x 900 quadrant shower pods

Envirotec quadrant shower pod finished in porcelain white

Envirotec quadrant shower pods

They say the best designs are the most simple. Well that certainly applies to the Envirotec shower pod.

Marine technology has been employed using GRP composites to build the attractive yet minimalist shell, but instead of keeping water out the pod ensures water can never escape.

Envirotech pods are sold in component parts. You purchase whichever pod shape and size you require, then add the doors of choice from those listed. That is unless you wish to use another make for any reason.


Two piece construction

The Envirotech quadrant shower pod is made up of two parts - the lower section which incorporates the shower tray and the lower section of the back wall, and the upper section of the back wall that join together at a flanged junction. The joint between the two sections is at a height that water simply cannot reach. This exaggerated 'upstand' does away with the joint traditionally formed where tray and wall tiles meet - the very place that leaks normally occur. In effect, the weakness of the traditional leaky tray has been designed out.


Envirotec shower pods are sold as component parts

Unlike most manufacturers, Envirotec offer their shower pods as component parts. You buy the shower pod shell and doors separately. This gives you the option of 1) utilising the pod shell on its own, 2) a significant choice of doors and styles to choose from, and 3) the freedom to use alternative products to those offered should you wish.


The shell of each Envirotec pod is available in a choice of three colours, Porcelain White, Sandstone Granite and Black Granite.

Envirotec quadrant shower pod shell showing two part construction

Plumbing your shower pod

Plumbing the Envirotec shower pod is easy. The quadrant shower pod is designed with a flat corner profile to facilitate mounting of shower equipment - mixer valve, electric or all-in-one power shower shower. Behind the corner profile is a void (large enough to accept most recessed shower valves but some may require additional excavation of the building wall behind) where any pipes or cables that may be associated with your shower equipment can be run.

You have a choice when it comes to running the waste. The Envirotec pod is supplied with a 90mm 'top clean' outlet and trap. If the pod is sat directly on the floor (on the adjustable feet) the waste can be run in or under the floor. Should you need to raise the pod in order to run the waste above floor level then a riser kit can be ordered as an optional extra. The riser kit contains legs that raise the pod by 100mm and a plinth panel to neatly cover the void.


800 Quadrant shower pod footprint

Dimensions of the 800 quadrant shower pod


900 Quadrant shower pod footprint

Dimensions of the 900 quadrant shower pod

The drawing above left provides all the critical dimensions you might need to know for the footprint of the 800 x 800 quadrant pod. Above right you will find the footprint dimensions for the 900 quadrant model.

Below left you will find the vertical dimensions corresponding to the 800 x 800 pod. If the riser kit legs are fitted please observe the dimensions below right.

Please note the 'footprint' size of each which is slightly bigger than the designated size.

Vertical dimensions of the quadrant shower pod without riser kit

Vertical dimensions without leg kit


Diagram showing additional height of quadrant shower pod when riser kit is used

Additional measurements when leg kit fitted


Price list (Select your pod & riser kit if required then add the doors and shower equipment of your choice.)

Quadrant Corner shower pods

Description Colour Price inc VAT  
Please be advised: Price increase on this product immanent
Corner Quadrant 800mm, White 612.64    
Corner Quadrant 900mm, White 649.03    
Riser kit (legs & Plinth Panel) White 85.00    
Corner Quadrant 800mm, Black 762.04    
Corner Quadrant 900mm, Black 812.86    
Riser kit (legs & Plinth Panel) Black 139.00    
Corner Quadrant 800mm, Sandstone 762.04    
Corner Quadrant 900mm, Sandstone 812.86    
Riser kit (legs & Plinth Panel) Sandstone 139.00    

Quadrant Shower Doors

Description Colour Price inc VAT    
Door prices are discounted when bought with a pod. When sold separately a higher price applies.
5mm glass        
800mm two door quadrant shower enclosure 5mm x 1900mm Silver 155.74 Quadrant shower doors to compliment the Envirotec quadrant shower pod
900mm two door quadrant shower enclosure 5mm x 1900mm Silver 166.11
6mm glass    
Compensation bar (req'd for 6mm range) Silver 35.78
800mm two door quadrant shower enclosure 6mm x 1900mm Silver 222.05
900mm two door quadrant shower enclosure 6mm x 1900mm Silver 231.55
8mm glass    
800mm two door quadrant shower enclosure 8mm x 2000mm Silver 328.44
900mm two door quadrant shower enclosure 8mm x 2000mm Silver 350.16
Shower Equipment    



1. TMV2 Bar type mixer valve with hose, handset and riser kit Chrome 139.03
2. TMV2 Bar type mixer valve with hose, handset and riser kit + diverter and rain head Chrome 255.64
Your choice of shower equipment is not limited to the two shower valve kits offered above. They do however represent great value when purchased as part of a package.

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Self contained leak free quadrant corner shower pods

Due to a policy of continual improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without notice



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