Shower Equipment

Mixer Showers, Electric Showers and Pumped Showers from the top UK Manufacturers


Shower equipment from the top UK manufacturers. Select from the list below to view their range of contemporary and traditional style mixer showers, electric showers, all-in-one power showers, pumped electric and care showers.


Mira Showers

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Mira offer a super range of mixer, electric, all-in-one and pumped showers

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Aqualisa Showers

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At the forefront of cutting edge shower production, design and innovation

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Bristan Showers

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The largest supplier of Taps and Shower equipment in the UK

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Triton Showers

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Expertly engineered and innovatively designed showers from the UK

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Novellini Showers

Novellini Cascata 3 shower panel with fold down seat

Shower Towers and combined shower and bath fillers

Novellini bathrooms, showers and wet room showers