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Mira are one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom equipment in the UK. Mira's superior portfolio includes a full range of shower products including shower equipment, shower trays and shower enclosures. Mira continue lead the way with innovative design, function and most important of all - Great Value.


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MIRA Electric Showers


MIRA Mixer Showers

Electric showers for connection directly to the cold water main. Heat water electrically as required.

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Require a hot and cold water supply. Available in manual and thermostatic models. Many styles to choose from in the Mira range.

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MIRA Pumped Electric Showers


MIRA 'all-in-one' Power Showers

Unique type of electric shower. Takes a low pressure gravity cold water supply, heats water electrically whilst boosting pressure with small integral pump.

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  As name suggests, wall mounted casing with integral pump. Requires hot and cold gravity supplies. Provides power shower performance.


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Notes on Mira Showers:

* The Mira Elite is a 'pumped electric shower'. It is not a 'power shower'. It's design function is to boost a very low pressure gravity cold water supply and heat it electrically. It may ONLY be connected to a cold water supply from a storage cistern (known as gravity fed cold water). Connection to a mains pressure cold water supply will cause damage to the unit and invalidate the warranty.

If you are looking for a power shower you might like to see the all-in-one Mira Event XS Thermo or the Mira Event XS Manual. For power showers with remote booster pumps you should select the Mira mixer shower of your liking and refer to the Shower Booster Pump section of this website for the additional equipment.


The term 'manual' indicates that the unit is manually controlled. This is to say the output temperature must be set manually and may require manual adjusted whilst showering in the event that incoming water temperature or pressure should vary. (Incoming conditions such as these will occasion a rise or fall in the temperature of water at the shower head.)


The term 'thermostatic' indicates that the unit is equipped with thermostatic control. This is to say that whilst the output temperature is initially set manually by the user, once in use any variations or fluctuations in incoming water temperature or pressure that would ordinarily occasion a swing in output temperature are compensated for internally - stabilising the output to within +/- 1oC of the setting.


If you can't find the Mira shower you are looking for, require clarification or further information about Mira showers or power showers please don't hesitate to contact us.



Mira Showers - A full range of Mira shower products