Triton Showers

Triton Showers

Triton Electric Showers, Mixer Showers and Digital Showers


Triton Showers - Top UK brand

Triton are one of the Country's leading manufacturers of showers. With many different models available in the Triton showers range from mixer showers to electric showers and the all new wireless digital showers,.

From the ever popular T80 range of electric showers, Triton have developed a portfolio of stylish units through the Topaz series incorporating ever more clever technology and culminating in the T300 series wireless remote control and digital units. Triton complete their range with the T90xr and the T150z pumped electric - designed specifically to feed from a low pressure gravity supply boosting the low pressure feed whilst heating the water electrically.

Triton showers have just about every application covered in their extensive range. Breakdowns are also covered by lengthy manufacturer's guarantees - Mixer showers with a 5 or 3 year, Electric showers with a 2 year and Power showers with a 1 year. Please don't hesitate to call for advice or assistance.

Triton Showers:

Triton Digital Showers


Triton Satellite wireless shower


Triton T300si wireless shower


Triton T300si remote control shower


Triton Satellite Wireless

Triton T300si Wireless

Triton T300si Remote







Triton Electric Showers

Triton T80Z thermostatic electric shower

Triton T80Z slimline electric shower

Triton T70Z electric shower

Triton T150Z electric shower

Triton T80Z Thermostatic

Triton T80Z Slimline

Triton T70Z

Triton T150Z









Triton Aspirante XR electric shower Triton T100XR electric shower Triton T70XR electric shower Triton T80Z electric shower

Triton Aspirante XR

Triton T100xr

Triton T70xr

Triton T80z

Triton Topaz T100si electric shower Triton Topaz T80si electric shower Triton Aspirante Topaz electrc shower Triton T150Z electric shower

Triton Topaz T100si

Triton Topaz T80si

Triton Aspirante Topaz

Triton T150z

Triton Inscriptions electric shower range      

Triton Inscriptions Range




Triton Pumped Electric (for use on low pressure gravity cold water supplies only)


Triton T150z pumped electric shower


Triton T90xr pumped electric shower





Triton T150z Pumped

Triton T90xr Pumped




Triton ECO (Water saving model)

Triton T80z Eco water saving electric shower      

Triton T80z Eco





Triton Power Showers (all-in-one models)


Triton AS2000x all in one power shower


Triton AS2000XT all-in-one power shower


Triton Aspirante power shower



Triton As2000x

Triton As2000xt

Triton Aspirante Power Shower



Triton Care Showers - Particularly suited for elderly and disabled use





Triton Safeguard T100E thermostatic electric care shower

Triton Safeguard pumped electric care shower



Triton Safeguard T100 Electric Shower

Triton Safeguard Pumped Electric Shower





Triton Electric Showers