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 Novellini Lunes G+F Pivot shower door with inline panel

 Novellini Lunes (G+F inline) pivot door shower enclosure with inline fixed panel

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Novellini Lunes G + F pivot shower door and panel

The LUNES G+F is ideal to create a wide enclosure with a pivot shower door.

By combining a pivot door and a fixed inline panel, the framed LUNES G+F can accommodate widths from 1000mm up to 1400mm.

Add a fixed end panel (Lunes F) to that and you now have a large corner shower enclosure with pivot door access. Add yet another fixed panel for the other end and you have a mid-wall shower enclosure.

It's that simple.

Of particular interest is the swing of the door. A normal pivot door can only open outward. However, this pivot door can also open inward. By stepping behind the inline panel and therefore avoiding the swing of the pivot door an inward opening becomes possible.

The  pivoting shower door is available with a choice of frame colours - white, silver or chrome. There is also a choice of glass types - clear, obscure and Esprit printed modesty pattern.

Shown here with a Lunes G+F pivot shower door with fixed inline panel configured for a corner with the addition of a LUNES F fixed side panel (sold separately).

Lunes G+F pivot shower door and inline fixed panel combo. Shown here in a corner configuration by adding an optional fixed end panel, the pivot door can open inward or outward.

Lune G+F dia 1 Lune G+F dia 2 Lune G+F dia 3

Swing of the pivot door

The additional space within the shower area created by the inline panel enables the door to swing inward and outward. A feature that a normal pivot door enclosure would be unable to offer.

Novellini Lunes G+F Alcove

configured as a corner shower enclosure between two solid walls

Novellini Lunes G+F corner

configured as a corner shower enclosure by adding fixed side panel

Can be handed either L or R

1900mm tall


NOVELLINI LUNES 2.0 G+F Pivot shower door

with inline fixed panel

Standard Overall Width   Swing Access   Price inc VAT
(mm) A   B * F1 Frame colour
  from to         Silver/Matt Silver/White Chrome
1000 960 1020   500 500 290 394.80 420.00
1200 1140 1200   500 500 470 419.16 462.00
1300 1260 1320   570 570 470 529.20 554.40
1400 1320 1380   570 570 530 560.28 595.56
Other sizes                
> 1020 1080   500 500 350 403.20 445.20
> 1080 1140   500 500 410 416.64 453.60
 > 1200 1260   570 570 410 512.40 554.40
 > 1380 1440   570 570 590 582.96 619.92
Special Order              
  Bespoke and custom sizes are not available with this door  


To create a corner or mid wall enclosure

add LUNES F side panel/s



Been offered a 'Price Match'?


Customise your enclosure with the following frame colours and glass types.

Frame colour






White frame option

Sliver frame option

Chrome frame option


Glass Type



Esprit Printing



Clear glass sample

Obscure glass

Esprit printing modesty glass



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