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Protect against scalding and burns from hot water

Burn and Scald Protection in the Bathroom

Protect against hot water scalding


Protect Children, the elderly and infirm against the dangers of scalding in the bathroom

Accidental injury is one of the leading causes of death among children and young people and puts more children in hospital than any other cause. Every year in the UK, around two million children are taken to hospital accident and emergency departments as a result of accidents. Thankfully, fewer children are being killed each year. In the UK in 2004, 275 children aged under 15 died as the result of injury or poisoning. (England and Wales 230; Scotland 27; Northern Ireland 18).

The burden of accidental injury is disproportionately heavy on the most disadvantaged. Children from the poorest families are more likely to die from accidents, to be admitted to hospital, and to be admitted with more severe injuries. Child Accident Prevention Trust (capt) aims to reduce accidental death and injury in children and young people.

The real cost of scalding and burns from hot water to children

As a consequence of accidental injury, some children and young people are disfigured for life or permanently disabled. Some develop behavioural and psychological problems following the trauma of accidental injury. Some parents carry a lifelong burden of guilt.

On top of these human costs, there are the financial burdens of childhood accidental injury - both treatment and after-care - on already over-stretched health and social services. For example, it can cost as much as 250,000 to treat one severe bath water scald. 


The Elderly and Infirm are particularly susceptible to hot water burns and scalds

A serious risk exists where sensation or reaction time are reduced. It can often be too late once the sensation of heat is recognised. A frail or elderly person may not be able to react quickly enough to avoid injury.

Take for example a Walk-in Bath. This type of product requires the bather to undress, enter the bath, close the door and then begin to fill with water. As water enters the bath it is essential that the hot water cannot reach an unsafe temperature. Injury is almost inevitable where TMV3 valves are not fitted, or unscrupulous installers cut corners to maximise profits.

Below are some excerpts from news reports documenting the realities....

'Scalding Death Accidental'

The death of a woman who scalded herself at St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey was an accident, a coroner said.

Shelaigh Robertson, 75, who lived locally and who was suffering from dementia, burned herself while having an unsupervised bath in July of this year. She later died at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.


'Burn Victim's scalding plea'

A teenager who suffered permanent facial disfigurement from scalding hot bath water when he was a baby, yesterday went to the Scottish Parliament to campaign for greater protection for the public.

Darren Fergusson 17, from Stenhousemuir, appeared before Holyrood's public petitions committee to call for regulation to ensure thermostats - which prevent tap water reaching scalding point - be installed in new buildings and renovated properties from May next year.

Mr Fergusson, who has undergone 59 major operations, numerous minor operations and laser surgery since being scalded on the face and chest by bath water when he was just six months old, said the thermostatic device cost just 80, but could save lives and prevent suffering. He told the committee, "How can anyone say that years of mental and physical pain, a lifetime of disfigurement and the huge costs to the National Health Service are not worth the investment of 80 to save children and families in the future having to endure all that I and my family have had to suffer?" .... "My physical injuries are plain for all to see. I have others which cannot be seen. I was robbed of my childhood, I had to grow up and face things that none of my friends had to face."

According to the Scottish Burned Children's Club, 20 per cent of patients who come to hospital suffering from burns under the age of 14 suffer their injuries from bath water.



'Trust fined 50,000 for scalding death'

A health trust was fined 50,000 yesterday for the death of a woman who was lowered into a bath of scalding water.

The court heard that the tragedy could have been avoided had a 750 temperature valve been fitted to the bath.

The woman who suffered with learning difficulties, died at Prudoe Hospital on August 29 1999, five days after suffering severe burns to her lower body.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that out of 30 baths at the hospital, all but two had been fitted with temperature limiting valves.


THINK! Hot water scalds and burns can be easily prevented.

Thermostatic Blending Valves (TMV's) are becoming far less expensive. Why gamble with the horrors of scalding and the risk of permanent injury or death for a price of a modest investment?

Don't benefit from hindsight. Don't wait until it's too late then wish you had. Protect yourself and others by being responsible and preventing the accident before it happens.

No good closing the stable after the horse has bolted!!


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Scald and burn protection from hot water in the home




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