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RWC Thermostatic mixing valves - anti scald blending valves

tmv3 scheme - anti scalding blending valves bt Reliance Water Controls (RWC)

Reliance Water Controls (RWC) TMV2 & 3 Valves

Thermostatic mixing valves by Reliance Water Controls


Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) to prevent scalding

Please Note: tmv2 logoFor England and Wales, from 1 April 2010, revisions to Part G of the Building Regulations (Hot water supply and systems) include the requirement that baths, subject to building regulations, are fitted with a protective device (i.e. a thermostatic mixing valve) to limit the temperature of hot water. Similar regulations have been in force in Scotland since 2006.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (also known as TMVs) are an essential component in the flight against scalding from hot water. Placed in line with the hot water supply, the valve monitors temperature of the throughput ensuring water cannot pass above the set temperature. This is done by blending cold water into the hot should the set temperature be exceeded. Furthermore, if hot or cold supplies fail certain valves will shut down entirely as a safety measure.

Reliance Water Controls (RWC) are leaders in scald protection and water safety equipment. Please select from the products below:


Reliance Heatguard Dual (TMV)

Reliance Heatguard Dual TMV2-3

Promix 22 thermostatic mixing valve (TMV3) by Reliance Water Controls (RWC)

Reliance Promix 22 TMV3

Reliance Heatguard BF2-2 thermostatic mixing valve (TMV2)

Reliance Heatguard BF2-2

Reliance Heatguard LS2 mixing valve - scald protection

Reliance Heatguard LS2

Reliance (RWC) Euromixer group thermostatic mixing valve

Reliance Euromixer Group Mixing Valve

RWC Heatguard Planar commercial TMV

Reliance Heatguard Planar Group Mixing Valve





Thermostatic mixing valves may also be used to regulate water temperature within systems:

Reliance Water Controls - Solar tempering valve

Reliance Solar Tempering Valve

Reliance Water Controls - Solar transfer valve

Reliance Solar Transfer Valve

Reliance Heatguard - Underfloor heating (UFH) blending valve

Heatguard UFH Blending Valve






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