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Impey Linear Drain wet room shower floor dec

Aquadec Linear 4 wet room shower floor former

Impey Wet room shower floor former with 4 slopes to a linear drain waste outlet


The cost of installing a wet room shower

It has never been easier or cheaper to create a beautiful wet room. Wet room floor areas have been made so much more simple, affordable and reliable to install thanks to floor formers and waterproof tanking systems. Take a look at the Aquadec Linear range for example. Featuring all of the benefits and style of the Aqua-Dec Easyfit range a LinearFlo dec adds an extra dimension to your showering area with it's ultra-modern linear gully system.

Now available with 2, 3 or 4 slopes towards the Linear gully

Wet room floor using Linear drain deck. Note the straight waste outlet gully.

Wetroom shower floor with Linear waste outlet

The new 'Linear Dec' wet room floor former from Impey really sets itself apart with all the great features found in the original AquaDec Easyfit design but with a twist for contemporary style living.

LinearFlo Dec is very strong

The LinearFlo-Dec is 22mm thick (the thickness of a typical floorboard) with a built in gradient of 17mm, and is available in 3 different options (Linear 2, Linear 3 and Linear 4) each with a range of sizes and featuring the sleek 'LinearFlo' waste outlet.

Leak free assurance

To finish your installation to the highest possible standard, waterproof your shower area with one of our tanking systems. Providing total protection against leaks a tanking system will give total piece of mind and leak-free service over many years.

Linear Dec is easily installed

It is fitted in exactly the same way as the Aqua-Dec and comes with the same 15 year warranty. (If you'd like to speak with a member of staff please don't hesitate to call Us)

Impey Linear Flo Dec wet room shower floor former For ultra-modern, uncompromising style the Linear-Dec has been designed for living. Available in a range of models each with a choice of sizes:

The Impey Aquadec Linear 4 floor former incorporates four slopes (front, back left & right) converging at the linear drain.

Alternative models Aquadec Linear 2 and Aquadec Linear 3 utilise two and three slopes respectively and offer the same simple way to create a beautiful wet room shower but with different aesthetic features.

Guide to Sizing an Aquadec


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Linearflo Dec LNR1 diagram

Aquadec Linear 4 (1200 x 900)

    March 2017
Size: 1200 x 900mm    
Thickness: 22mm    
Gradient: 17mm    

AD4L1290 (Formerly the LNR1)

Price: 506.09 inc VAT    
Linearflo Dec LNR2 diagram

Aquadec Linear 4 (1000 x 1000)

Size: 1000 x 1000mm    
Thickness: 22mm    
Gradient: 17mm    

AD4L1010 (Formerly the LNR2)

Price: 482.33 inc VAT    
Linearflo Dec LNR3 diagram

Aquadec Linear 4 (1200 x 1200)

Size: 1200 x 1200mm    
Thickness: 22mm    
Gradient: 17mm    

AD4L1212 (Formerly the LNR3)

Price: 525.69 inc VAT    





Underboarding is required with the Aquadec Linear range



Linear Flo Dec floor former for wet room shower


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