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Steam sauna shower cubicle pod enclosures

Steam shower cubicles

Self-contained one piece shower pods with steam


Leak free shower pods with the luxury of steam


Evolution surely is a wondrous thing if you enjoy the invigoration of a sauna. Now you can enjoy a session in your own private steam sauna whenever you like and in the privacy of your bathroom.

It makes perfect sense to combine the functions of hydro massage shower with sauna. Novellini therefore offer steam as an option on most of their self contained shower cubicle range.

Simply choose the self contained leak free shower pod that appeals to your discerning taste and add the roof dome option that incorporates the steam generator.

Fully equipped, you might be excused from spending a little more time in your hydro massage steam cubicle than you intend. Thermostatic temperature control, the sensuous pleasure of a hydro body and neck massage from multiple jets of warm water as you sit on the foldaway seat, scented ambience from the aroma dispenser, a roof mounted shower head to compliment the hand shower with extra long hose, a steam generator and a radio on which to listen to your favourite music or station of interest.

Novellini don't just offer you a thing of beauty designed in Italy - the style capital of the world - all this luxury is built into a shower pod that is designed not to leak. With no tiling required you need not worry about the maintenance of leaky tile grout and joints, or damp patches and odours we so often associate with traditional showers in the UK.

Knowing when to get out could be your only problem.

Novellini self contained luxury shower cubicles and steam pods


If you have any questions about the product or installation please don't

hesitate to call and speak with one of our helpful staff. We are always pleased to speak with you.

  Novellini Shower Pods and complete cubicles