TILESURE waterproof tanking system for wet room showers

 Guaranteed watertight performance for your shower and wet room installations

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TILESURE - The new name for RIW Tilesafe

Please note: Although TILESAFE and TILESURE are similar in function they are very different products. TILESAFE is now obsolete and has been superseded by the NEW and IMPROVED performance and technology offered by TILESURE.

TILESAFE is no longer manufactured and residual stocks are exhausted. If you see TILESAFE advertised it is likely that the advertiser is offering a product that can no longer be obtained or the product being offered is non-genuine and may not perform as intended.

We are still the cheapest source for genuine TILESURE in the UK.


The heavy-duty self-adhesive waterproofing and decoupling membrane designed for use on timber and solid floors.


TILESURE Tanking and decoupling membrane. Available in kits comprising 5m2 and 10m2.


TILESURE has been developed specifically for use in bathrooms, wetrooms and similar wet areas, Tilesure comprises a 1.4mm butyl-based membrane, with a co-polymer top layer, which provides an excellent surface for the adhesion of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

TILESURE waterproofing membrane is quick and easy to apply, providing a consistent waterproof layer, guaranteed not to leak.

TILESURE also acts as a decoupling membrane by uncoupling the floor tiles and accommodating movement in the substrate, within a thickness of only 1.4mm. This omits the requirement for a traditional decoupling mat.

TILESURE provides an effective barrier to the transition of water vapour.

Key Features of TILESURE waterproof tanking membrane

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Decoupling properties up to 12mm

  • Self adhesive - quick and easy to apply

  • Suitable for timber and solid floors including gypsum based anhydrite screeds

  • Ready to tile immediately

  • Suitable for use with wet under floor heating or electric under-tile up to 150 Watts per square metre

  • 1.4mm Factory controlled thickness

  • Compatible with silicone sealants & stone sealers

Buy TILESURE at the best price in the UK



5m x 1m Roll of membrane

10m Reinforcing tape

500ml Primer

290ml Jointing Compound

4 x Pre-formed Internal Corners

Price (inc VAT) - 289.99





10m x 1m Roll of membrane

15m Reinforcing tape

1Litre Primer

290ml Jointing Compound

4 x Pre-formed Internal Corners

Price (inc VAT) - 399.00

Been offered a 'Price Match'?


Under tile heating

The new TILESURE waterproof tanking membrane works happily with electric under tile heating.

Warming a tiled floor enhances the ambience of your shower room or bathroom. A warm floor is not only wonderful to walk on with bare feet, the heat also speeds up the floor's drying time which improves safety and prevents dampness and odours associated with the growth of mildew.

TILESURE even out-performers its predecessor (Tilesafe) in this department and can withstand an under tile heating mat with an output of up to an impressive 150watts per square metre.



TILESURE is a premium product that has undergone extensive testing and is backed by guarantee. DO NOT be persuaded that other cheaper products will work just as well - they are cheaper for a reason!

You should not be able to buy TILESURE at a lower price anywhere. If you are offered something that looks like TILESURE at a cheaper price it is likely to be a fake product, may not perform and any guarantee implied is unlikely to be honoured. Reports of alleged fake products are investigated. Please let us know if you are offered any.

Consider, do you want to risk using a second rate or lookalike product? Catastrophic failure means only one thing and can only be discovered after an installation is finished. If your creation fails because your tanking system doesn't perform your only option will be to rip everything out and start again.

A job done properly only needs to be done once.

Don't risk it - it's not worth it!

Insist on TILESURE and be sure!

Please don't hesitate to call if you need help or would like to discuss an order