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CORDOVA Double ended walk in Bath

 Luxury double ended walk in bath with the entrance door located centrally

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CORDOVA double ended walk in bath

Add the wow factor to your bathroom with the CORDOVA doubled ended walk in bath. The CORDOVA walk in bath changes the stereotype often associated with easy access baths offering something of beauty for all the family catering for all needs.

Offering generous internal space, the CORDOVA creates a superb focal point with its centrally located inward opening door. While the design introduces a level of opulence never seen in walk in baths, the position of the door offers a practical solution when other bathroom fittings make a door configured near the end difficult to access.

A low step-in height means it's easy to enter and exit and the door is easily released with the adjacent button mechanism.

For ultimate luxury add a 12 jet 3 speed hydro spa to massage you gently while you relax. Chromotherapy lighting is also available - long believed to promote calmness and wellness.

CORDOVA walk in bath with central entrance door

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Nominal size options:

1698 L x 750 W x 550 H (188 litres)


Water capacity 200 litres (unoccupied)

Key features of the CORDOVA walk in bath

  • Luxury walk in bath

  • Spacious interior

  • Double ended design

  • Contemporary style

  • Central inward opening door

  • Low-step entry for easy access

  • Simple door release mechanism

  • 12 jet 3 speed hydro spa option

  • Chromotherapy lighting option


Special Offer

1460.00 + VAT


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Door side panel


End panel


12 Jet spa




Shower Screen


Waste outlet kit