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CALYPSO walk in shower bath

A modern 'P' shape walk in shower bath

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CALYPSO Walk in shower bath

The CALYPSO walk in shower bath is a variant of the CARNELIAN bath, the difference being in the door and its release mechanism.

The door on the CALYPSO is solid instead of glass, and it releases when gentle pressure is applied to the mushroom shaped button situated adjacent to the opening.

As with the CARNELIAN, the CALYPSO bath offers something for all the family. Easy access should you find climbing in and out is getting more difficult, a shower if this is a preference, or just use it as you would a normal bath and recline for a soak.

When the needs of many must be considered the CALYPSO walk in shower bath is an ideal solution.

The CALYPSO makes an ideal replacement for a standard 1700mm bath. So if your are adapting your bathroom this model will interchange with your existing bath with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

The 'P' shape of the CALYPSO shower area can be accessed through the low level entry door which opens inward.

The shower area can be enclosed with an optional curved glass screen. The base of the shower area is slip resistant for safety.

Most importantly, the CALYPSO walk in shower bath has dual waste outlets to ensure minimal waiting time for the bath to empty - a feature many manufacturers carelessly overlook.

For ultimate luxury add a 12 jet 3 speed hydro spa to massage you gently while you relax. Chromotherapy lighting is also available - long believed to promote calmness and wellness.


CARNELIAN walk in shower bath dimensions


1675 x 750/850

  • Modern, stylish design

  • P-shaped tub allows maximum room for showering

  • Low-level entry for easy access

  • Glass side entry door

  • Optional curved glass shower screen

  • Left- or right-handed options

  • Available with or without shower screen

  • 12 jet 3 speed hydro spa option

  • Chromotherapy lighting option


Special Offer

1630.00 + VAT


 Walk in Shower Bath






Door side panel


End panel


12 Jet spa




Shower Screen


Waste outlet kit




  As with all walk in baths we strongly recommend the use of a Thermostatically controlled taps or a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) on the hot water inlet of this bath to prevent scalding. If you require further information please ask.