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AVENTIS Walk in Bath with lifting seat

Tradition style walk in bath with swivelling and lifting chair style seat

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AVENTIS walk in bath with lifting and swivelling chair style seat

The AVENTIS walk in power lift bath offers yet another dimension to easy access bathing.

With all the features of the standard AVENTIS walk in bath, this power lift version incorporates a powered lifting seat that swivels.

This bath is ideal in situations where the users may have differing degrees of mobility.

The door facilitates a low level step in height for those who might find climbing over a bath rim difficult or dangerous. The lifting seat physically lifts or lowers the bather into the water.

Equipped with a wired remote, the AVENTIS walk in power lift bath can be operated by the bather or carer if assistance is necessary.

With all these features the bath will still blend unobtrusively with your existing suite and makes an ideal choice when replacing a standard bath or embarking on disabled adaptations.

Enjoy the pinnacle of bathing luxury by opting for the 12 jet hydro massage system that will gently soothe you as you recline in warm water.

Why not add the Chromotherapy lighting that many believe promotes wellness.

Most importantly, the AVENTIS walk in bath is equipped with twin waste outlets for rapid emptying, reducing waiting time before you get out. This feature is often overlooked by other manufacturers.

AVENTIS walk in power lift bath with seat

AVENTIS walk in power lift bath with seat lowered

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1675 x 700

  • Door entry for easy access

  • Inward opening side door

  • Gadget free door release/easy close

  • Powered lifting seat (up to 24 stone / 150kg)

  • Specially moulded bath designed to compliment seat for deep immersion

  • Battery backup to ensure safety during power failure

  • Easy installation - lift uses bath sub frame.

  • Left- or right-handed options

  • 12 jet 3 speed hydro spa option

  • Chromotherapy lighting option

  • Dual waste outlets for rapid emptying

  • Slip resistant base

Special Offer


2550.00 + VAT


 Walk in power lift bath






Door side panel


End panel


12 Jet spa




Shower Screen 250.00
Waste outlet kit FREE!