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Complete shower cubicle with half height doors ideal for elderley and disabled use

Snowdon Disabled Shower Cubicle by Impey

Self contained leak free easy access disabled shower pod

All-in-one disabled shower cubicles | Half-height shower doors | Low level shower trays | Full modular shower cubicle


The Snowdon Disabled Shower Enclosure


Self contained low access leak free disabled shower pod complete with leak free wall panels. No tiling required.

Snowdon Disabled Shower Cubicle

Forms part of the Swift-Fit range of full leak free shower cubicles from Impey UK. This three sided  shower pod is easy to install, easy to clean and easy to access through it's wide entrance.

The Snowdon shower cubicle is built your your specification and installs to any room (not just a bathroom) without the need for tiling. Wherever a water supply and waste can be installed you can now enjoy instant showering facilities.

It can just as easily be removed if circumstances change with minimal disruption or effort leaving little evidence of it's presence.

A virtual ensuite shower pod with toilet

The Snowdon Shower Toilet is built entirely to your spec and can include a wall hung WC. The cubicle provides a virtual ensuite shower/toilet facility without the need for major alterations to your building. Click the link for full information.

The above image shows a Snowdon three sided cubicle that has been configured with two pivot doors meeting in centre. The all-in-one leak free shower pod requires no tiling and can be supplied with straight curtain rail and curtain. All other items shown in cubicle (shower seat, shower equipment, grab rail) are options that you can choose and may be varied or omitted as required.


Below are some price examples of Snowdon cubicles and various configurations you might start with...


Impey SNOWDON three sided shower cubicle with half height doors and low level shower tray

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Mendip shower tray ex VAT TOTAL inc VAT TOTAL
IMPEY SFSM1K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Mendip tray, Option G,K or M doors, 1250 x 710  1,332.89 1,599.46
IMPEY SFSM3K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Mendip tray, Option G,K or M doors, 1250 x 830  1,332.89 1,599.46
IMPEY SFSM5K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Mendip tray, Option G,K or M doors, 1500 x 710  1,338.63 1,606.36
IMPEY SFSM7K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Mendip tray, Option G,K or M doors, 1500 x 830  1,338.63 1,606.36

See below for Mendip tray info

Slimline 35 shower tray  
IMPEY SFSB1K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Option G,K or M doors, SLIMLINE 35 - 1200x750 1,305.75 1,566.90
IMPEY SFSB3K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Option G,K or M doors, SLIMLINE 35 - 1200x900 1,318.43 1,582.11
IMPEY SFSB5K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Option G,K or M doors, SLIMLINE 35 - 1300x750 1,314.20 1,577.04
IMPEY SFSB7K Snowdon 3 sided shower cubicle, Option G,K or M doors, SLIMLINE 35 - 1500x750 1,331.11 1,597.33

See below for Slimline 35 tray info

Additions and extras ex VAT TOTAL inc VAT TOTAL
2MR 2 METER ACCESS RAMP KIT + 1x RHRC +1x LHRC 91.95 110.34
MEN/R01 MENDIP SHOWER RAMP 900mm WIDE 83.24 99.89
Add in the following options
Shower seat or stool Grab rails Care shower equipment  

Guide to installing an

SNOWDON shower cubicle

Deluxe fold down padded shower seat with arm rests.

White coloured grab rails for the bathroom in various lengths with fluted rail and flanged ends.

  Installation instructions for the SNOWDON diabled shower cubicle

Begin designing a SNOWDON shower cubicle to your specification with this guide

Simply decide:

  1. the size of cubicle you require (the footprint size based on shower tray sizes below)

  2. the type of shower tray you require - low level or Mendip (see description below)

then add in things like:

  grab rails

  shower stools or seats

  shower equipment (electric or mixer type equipment)

  roof panel (if required)

  extractor fan/light


Send your shopping list to us or give us a call with the details and we'll organise a no-obligation quotation for you in no time.


Don't forget, if this all get a bit confusing please don't hesitate to call for assistance. One of our friendly staff will be only too pleased to help.

A two sided corner version of this cubicle with additional side opening doors known as the Impress Shower Cubicle is also available. Click link for info.


Slimline 35

ultra low profile shower tray

Slimline 35 shower tray for the SNOWDON disabled shower cubicle

One of the lowest profile shower trays available measuring only 35mm high.

The Slimline 35 shower tray is highly versatile. Capitalising on the benefit of a square edge the tray can be recessed into the floor for level access, or fitted with a shallow ramp around the exposed perimeter to facilitate wheelchair entry.

Click here to see full range of Slimline 35 shower trays.


Mendip shower tray

(permitting above ground waste)

Optional Mendip shower tray offering above ground waste

The Mendip tray has a slightly higher profile than the low level tray but this facilitates a waste pipe running above floor level.

Ramp kits are available to facilitate wheelchair access.

Click here to see full range of Mendip shower trays






Complete ensuite shower cubicle with half height doors



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