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A replacement Open Outlet Ceramic Disk Monobloc 40mm Tap Cartridge.



40mm Replacement Open Outlet Ceramic Disk Monobloc Tap Cartridge

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Open Outlet Ceramic Disk Monobloc 40mm Tap Cartridge

Replacement ceramic cartridge suitable for most single lever bathroom and kitchen taps that requires a raised open outlet type 40mm cartridge.

Manufactured in Europe for durability and reliability.


  • The joystick is 10.4mm x 10mm - this fits all lever handles


Open Outlet Ceramic Disk Monobloc 40mm Tap Cartridge

Check your valve against this item for:

1. Appearance

2. Measurements shown on diagram

3. Check valve seat in tap for damage.


Open Outlet Ceramic Disk Monobloc 40mm Tap Cartridge - bottom view

These items are known to be suitable for the following:


Open Outlet Ceramic Disk Monobloc 40mm Tap Cartridge - diagram



Price: inc VAT

40mm Monobloc Open Outlet mixer tap ceramic cartridge

31.70 Each


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40mm open outlet mono Ceramic Disk Tap Cartridge - single lever


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