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Novellini GIADA alcove shower enclosures for wet roomsNovellini Giada - Italian styling

GIADA wet room alcove shower enclosures

Product note:

The Giada range is on an extended lead time as it must be ordered direct from the factory in Italy.

The newer 'Young 2.0' range does however offer all the options of the Giada and stock is held in the UK. Please click if you would like to view.


Giada alcove shower doors for wet room shower floors

The semi-frameless design of the GIADA alcove shower doors by Novellini continue in the vogue that less is more.

Available in two styles, either a single panel glass door across the width - available in widths from 660mm to 1000mm, or a single panel glass door with a fixed inline panel for extra wide openings - from 1020mm up to an impressive 1800mm.

Giada glass shower screens are 6mm in thickness and treated with 'Crystal Clear' to reduce limescale build up, making it easier to keep your shower in pristine condition.

Trim and fixings on all doors and screens are chrome finish.

A 1000mm horizontal support bar is included with fixed inline panels.

The width stated allows for a 30mm adjustment to take up any variations in the wall.

Simply choose which wall you wish the door to hinge from.

Novellini Giada alcove wet room shower doors and screens

Handing your Giada Alcove shower door

Left Hand Right Hand

Please note: product codes contain the letter S or D to indicate if the door is hinged LEFT or RIGHT


Example: If door hinges from wall on left please order S type door

(i.e. product code will contain a 'S')

(S Type) (D Type)
Novellini S Type shower door hinged left Novellini D type shower door hinged right

If you require help please don't hesitate to contact us.


NOVELLINI GIADA wet room alcove shower enclosure

GIADA Alcove shower enclosure - single door

6mm glass / 1950mm height

Handing refers to which side the door hinges (left wall or right wall)
Width (mm) Left hand code Right hand code Price inc VAT



690-720 GIADN1B69S-1K GIADN1B69D-1K 280.49
720-750 GIADN1B72S-1K GIADN1B72D-1K 293.53
750-780 GIADN1B75S-1K GIADN1B75D-1K 293.53
780-810 GIADN1B78S-1K GIADN1B78D-1K 293.53
810-840 GIADN1B81S-1K GIADN1B81D-1K 293.53
840-870 GIADN1B84S-1K GIADN1B84D-1K 305.95
870-900 GIADN1B87S-1K GIADN1B87D-1K 305.95
970-1000 GIADN1B97S-1K GIADN1B97D-1K 318.37

Novellini Giada wet room alcove shower doors


Delivery costs:

Novellini shower pods require specialist handling by a suitably experienced carrier. Please add 35.


GIADA Alcove shower enclosure - hinged door + fixed inline panel

6mm glass / 1950mm height

Handing refers to which side the door hinges (left wall or right wall)

Width (mm) Left hand code Right hand code Price inc VAT



1080-1140 GIADNGF108S-1K GIADNGF108D-1K 375.50
1140-1200 GIADNGF114S-1K GIADNGF114D-1K 375.50
1200-1260 GIADNGF120S-1K GIADNGF120D-1K 392.27
1260-1320 GIADNGF126S-1K GIADNGF126D-1K 392.27
1320-1380 GIADNGF132S-1K GIADNGF132D-1K 409.03
1380-1440 GIADNGF138S-1K GIADNGF138D-1K 409.03
1440-1500 GIADNGF144S-1K GIADNGF144D-1K 425.80
1500-1560 GIADNGF150S-1K GIADNGF150D-1K 425.80
1560-1620 GIADNGF156S-1K GIADNGF156D-1K 425.80
1620-1680 GIADNGF162S-1K GIADNGF162D-1K 425.80
1680-1740 GIADNGF168S-1K GIADNGF168D-1K 442.57
1740-1800 GIADNGF174S-1K GIADNGF174D-1K 442.57
Support arm options for fixed panels

Novellini Giada extra wide shower alcove doors and inline panels



Notes for all Giada shower screens:

All Giada shower doors and screens feature clear glass with Crystal Clear treatment and a chrome frame.

A 1000mm horizontal support bar is included with the side panel.

The stated width allows for a 30mm variation in the wall.

The support bar adds a further 50mm to the stated height.




Novellini GIADA alcove shower doors and screens


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