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Novellini EON complete self contained shower cubicles

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Novellini EON all in one shower cubicles

Novellini EON - leak free shower Pods

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Novellini EON leak free self contained shower enclosures

Designed by Marco Pellici, the EON complete shower cubicle incorporates Italian inspiration and beauty whilst offering a truly functional silicone free and leak proof shower enclosure.

Available in a range of popular sizes, the EON shower enclosure can be purchased as a standard model (with or without a roof panel) complete with thermostatic shower equipment, as a 'hydromassage' model (with or without roof panel incorporating rain head), thermostatic shower equipment with body jets, or the top of range model - the HAMMAM - which incorporates thermostatic shower equipment and all options (roof panel, rain head, body jets) plus a steam generator. The HAMMAM model is feature packed, so please take a look below to obtain full details.

Roof panels incorporate LED lighting. The HAMMAM model takes this to an even higher level with colour adjustable LED 'Cromo' lighting.

All Novellini EON shower cubicles are available left or right handed. Please order accordingly.

The Novellini EON range

Novellini EON

Pivot Door Corner

shower cubicle

Novellini corner shower with full side entry pivot door

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Novellini EON

Rectangular Corner

shower cubicle

Novellini EON rectangular shower enclosure

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Corner Entry

corner shower cubicles

Novellini EON corner entry corner shower enclosure

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Novellini EON


shower cubicle

Novellini EON Quadrant corner shower enclosure

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Novellini body jets (optional) Novellini shower 'rain head' included with roof panel Steam generator - only available on the HAMMAM model Remote control (HAMMAM steam model only) Novellini EON thermostatic shower mixer valve

Body jets on Hydromassage model

Rain head included with roof panel

Steam generator on HAMMAM model

Remote control

(HAMMAM Model)

Thermostatic shower mixer

EON shower handset sitting in riser rail cradle LED lights incorporated into standard EON roof panel HAMMAM roof panel incorporates the Noveillini 'Cromolight' Hamman model features an AUX connection and speaker for you to play your favourate music Bottle shelf

Shower handset

LED Ceiling Light


(HAMMAM model)

AUX connection & speaker

(HAMMAM model)

Soap holder


Novellini EON range of self contained shower cubicles complies with European Standards UNI EN 14428



EON - Self contained leak free shower cubicles from Novellini

Due to a policy of continual improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without notice