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Impey Level Dec wet room shower floor formers and compatible half height shower doors

Level-Dec level access wet room shower

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Level Dec wet room

Level access is essentially a wet room concept. An absolute bonus if you need to access your shower area in a wheelchair (for example) or wish to create a shower area that blends seamlessly into the rest of the room. Wet room showers are not only practical, offering step-free entry and being easy to clean, they are also attractive - blending aesthetics with practicality.

The Aquadec wet room floor former creates the proper shape in the floor for water to run towards the gully. This takes away this time consuming task and ensures the resulting floor is perfect, durable and leak free. Aquadec will accept tile or vinyl floor coverings. Our prices include the waste outlet of your choice - many don't!

There are half height doors compatible with wet rooms (Aqua-Dec tray), helping to contain the water from splashing into the rest of the room whilst offering low level protection from over-spray should a carer be necessary.

Aqua Dec wet room floor tray


Supreme half height shower doors and screens

Supreme half height shower door Option H configuration with chrome frames option

The Supreme half height shower door range is available in ten different configurations. However doors can be made to bespoke designs, offering more flexibility for the more difficult on site surveys.


The Benefits:

  • 180 Hinge, rise and fall 10mm lift

  • Tough, robust PETG panels
  • Strong, rigid and lightweight powder coated aluminium frames
  • 750mm half height for carer assistance
  • Compensator adjustment up to 20mm
  • Coving Profiler
  • 4mm Door Setter
  • Strong Allen key compensator clamp
  • Suits Level-Dec or other Wet Floor areas
  • Highly visible handles available in four colours on request
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Pictured: Option H Supreme shower doors with chrome frame


Supreme half height sliding shower doors

Impey SUPREME sliding half height shower doors

Sliding shower doors work well in a confined space

To enjoy the maximum use of your shower room area you might find sliding shower doors are the perfect answer. Being able to concertina as well as hinge, sliding doors require less floor area to open in to.

Half height shower enclosures facilitate carer assistance

The half height sliding shower door is perfect if carer assistance is required. The open and airy ambience  of a half height shower enclosure also makes showering a pleasure if a wheelchair or shower seat is used when compared to the claustrophobic environment of a full height enclosure.

Supreme half height shower doors and screens are available to suit a range of standard sizes but can be manufactured to almost any size and configuration to suit your specific needs.

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SUPREME half height shower doors with gas assisted rising hinge

The friction of a rubber seal on the base of a conventional shower door can prevent smooth opening and closing unless the door is physically lifted clear of the floor which can be difficult for some users - especially when in a wheelchair.

A unique air assisted hinge operated by gently depressing a small lever lifts the door clear of the floor and in doing so enables the door to open or close with silky smoothness. A gentle push on the door re-makes contact with the floor providing a most watertight seal.

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Air assisted lifting hinge half height shower doors




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