Shower pods, shower enclosures and shower cubicles

Shower Enclosures, Pods and Cubicles

Shower Enclosures, Shower Doors and Bath screens.


Choose from our comprehensive range of shower enclosures and cubicles from the UK's leading shower manufacturers.


Coram Shower Enclosures

Coram showers and enclosures  
  • Shower Doors

  • Shower Enclosures

  • Bath Screens

  • Walk-In Enclosures

  • Bespoke Options

  • White or Polished Silver Finishes

  • 10 Year Guarantee on all doors...

  • extended to a Lifetime Guarantee when used with Coram trays

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Mira Shower Enclosures

Mira shower enclosures

Mira are probably the best known brand in the domestic shower market in the UK.

To compliment their extensive range of shower equipment Mira bring you a selection of premium quality shower enclosures for corner and alcove installation.

The Mira ACE and Mira BEAM shower enclosure ranges work in perfect harmony with Mira FLIGHT and Mira FLIGHT LOW shower trays, but are also compatible with other brands of shower tray that share physical criteria.

Enjoy the minimalist style of the Mira range of shower enclosures and cubicles.

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Eastbrook Shower Enclosures

Eastbrook shower cubicles and shower screens

  • Shower Doors

  • Shower Enclosures

  • Walk-In Enclosures

  • Chrome Finish

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Nabis Shower Enclosures

Nabis shower cubicles and enclosures

  • Shower Doors

  • Shower Enclosures

  • Chrome Finish

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Custom built shower enclosures

Custom made bespoke shower cubicles

Shower enclosures to fit into awkward or unusual spaces.

Simply send us a dimensional drawing of the area you wish to utilise and leave the rest to our specialist designers.

This can be particularly useful when adding an ensuite or bathroom to a loft conversion.

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Bath Screens

Hinged glass bath screens


Renowned for quality and customer care, Coram offer an interesting range of Bath Screens to suit most style and function requirements.

The minimalist approach Coram take to design ensures each of the bath screens will work unobtrusively in tasteful harmony with virtually any decor.

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Although offering a smaller selection, MIRA also subscribe to the minimalist style proving most popular these days.

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Ever considered a leak-free self contained shower pod?

Coram leak free shower pods

Shower pods are fast becoming the way to go when installing shower facilities.

The all-in-one leak free design of a shower pod guarantees you a leak free installation and peace of mind that your shower simply won't leak for many years to come.


In fact, Coram (left) are so confident that their shower pods won't leak that they offer a Lifetime Guarantee! How's that for assurance?

Shower pods are available in a range of sizes to perfectly suit your requirement. Choose from corner or alcove models - all of which include thermostatic shower equipment (or can be supplied empty) and install quickly and simply.

The days of leaky showers are disappearing with the advent of self-contained shower pods.

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Envirotec shower pod enclosures

Envirotech shower pods offer you a simple solution to leaky shower enclosures.


After years of development there is now a choice spanning the most popular shower enclosure sizes so you may never need to suffer leaks again.

Installation could not be simpler. The shower pod shell does away with the need for traditional tiling, and with that goes a time consuming job. No tiles means no grouting. No grouting means no maintenance and no possibility of leaks over time. No leaks mean you won't suffer from the associated smell of mildew, so your bathroom will always small clean and fresh.

The Envirotec pod is designed so it simply cannot leak. Conventional shower enclosures rely on the integrity of the joint between the shower tray and the tiled wall to prevent the escape of water. The Envirotec pod has a moulded upstand that reaches far up the wall where it joins to the upper panel hence nowhere for water to go except down the drain.

Shower pod shell available without doors

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Novellini Glax 3 leak free shower pod style cubicles

NOVELLINI - luxury shower pods, Italian styling

Novellini luxury complete shower cubicles offer the security of leak free pod construction with an elegance that can only emanate from Italy - the style capital of the world.

Available in an array of models and sizes, each can be accessorised to include such features as a domed roof (which in turn can accommodate a shower head), a steam generator, hydro massage jets, aroma dispenser, glass type, frame colour and low voltage lighting depending on which version you choose.



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Shower enclosures, pods and cubicles