One piece shower pod cubicle enclosures

One piece self contained shower pod enclosures

Tile free shower enclosure totally leak free


A one piece shower cubicle provides you with total security against leaks. Their construction actually prevents water from escaping in those hard-to-seal places. What's more, you don't have to tile, so the installation time is cut to a bare minimum.

If you enjoy showering but have been disillusioned in the past by leaks, odours and maintenance have a look at the new generation of waterproof, leak free shower pods available. We think you'll be impressed.

  • Leak Free

  • Tile Free

  • Light Weight

  • Reinforced and Rigid

  • Seated/Unseated

  • Stain Resistant

  • Integrated Shelves

  • Door options

  • Easy clean


KUBEX Shower cubicles


CORAM Shower pods

Kubex one piece shower cubicles are leak free

Coram shower pods are self contained shower units

Coram shower pods are guaranteed against leaks for life

One-piece shower construction

Self contained shower with leak free design

Shower with a lifetime watertight guarantee





Tile free and leak free one piece shower cubicle