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DEVA Elan Bathroom Taps

Contemporary Bathroom Taps from Deva

The contemporary DEVA bathroom taps in the Elan range offer a stylish look for your bathroom. Elan taps are available in Chrome finish only and come complete with ceramic discs. The taps have a quarter turn function with single lever control making them particularly easy to use - even with wet hands or mobility issues.
Code Description Picture Diagram Price

ELAN101 Elan Midi Basin Taps elan101.jpg (14326 bytes) elan101di.jpg (10076 bytes) 63.53
ELAN102 Elan Midi Bath Taps elan102.jpg (14326 bytes) elan102di.jpg (10449 bytes) 71.25
ELAN301 Elan Maxi Basin Taps elan301.jpg (15028 bytes) elan301di.jpg (10780 bytes) 74.50
ELAN302 Elan Maxi Bath Taps elan302.jpg (16857 bytes) elan302di.jpg (11751 bytes) 84.44
ELAN313 Elan Mini Monobloc Basin Mixer with Pop-Up Waste ELAN313.jpg (13997 bytes) ELAN313di.jpg (13095 bytes) 63.37
ELAN113 Elan Monobloc Basin Mixer with Pop-Up Waste ELAN113.jpg (10027 bytes) ELAN113di.jpg (11994 bytes) 68.60
ELAN114 Elan Monobloc Bidet Mixer with Pop-Up Waste ELAN114.jpg (11916 bytes) ELAN114di.jpg (12088 bytes) 70.95
ELAN10 Elan Monobloc Bath Filler elan10.jpg (17581 bytes) elan10di.jpg (9048 bytes) 163.83
ELAN11 Elan Monobloc Bath Shower Mixer elan11.jpg (20963 bytes) elan11di.jpg (11620 bytes) 198.32
ELAN109/WM Elan Bath Filler - Wall Mounted elan109wm.jpg (15175 bytes) elan109wmdi.jpg (13591 bytes) 101.33
ELAN109 Elan Bath Filler - Pillar Mounted elan109.jpg (12928 bytes) elan109di.jpg (14627 bytes) 104.31
ELAN106 Elan Bath Shower Mixer - Pillar Mounted ELAN106.jpg (14885 bytes) ELAN106di.jpg (14643 bytes) 125.35
ELAN106/WM Elan Bath Shower Mixer - Wall Mounted ELAN106WM.jpg (17127 bytes) ELAN106WMdi.jpg (12944 bytes) 106.43


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