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Twyford bathrooms
Twyford Gallerie bathroom suite
Twyford Bathroom Suites
Ideal Standard bathrooms, sanitary ware and brassware
Ideal standard bathroom suites

Ideal Standard

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Nabis bathroom suites
Nabis Bathroom Suites
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Only buy quality products from manufacturers who know their business. With many cheap far-eastern imports flooding the market you might be interested to know why it's better to invest in quality than repent at leisure when your budget purchase lets you down.

DIY superstores will buy in container loads of cheap sanitary ware from overseas. Many look the business and incorporate all the styling and looks offered by the more expensive brands. Some even pose as expensive brands so you will be fooled into spending silly sums of money, but they are basically cheap tat. Consider that discounted suite you saw in your local DIY store - the one with the posh name that some guy in the office dreamed up - what happens in six months time when stock is gone and you have a small accident with the cistern lid? Spares? Oh no sir, we don't do spares! Now where are you? There is nothing like a free lunch in life. Cheap is cheap for a reason. A far eastern manufacturer will copy a design in the blink of an eye, but he won't necessarily manufacture the product to British Standards or offer 'after-sales service'.

Buying a suite doesn't need to cost you a fortune, but it does pay to be discerning with what you are buying.

Avoid quirky designs - things have developed to the shapes you recognise over many many years for good reason. For example, a square toilet pan and seat. Who do you know who has a behind shaped like that? No overflow in the hand basin - beware! Trendy wash bowls for the bathroom - how do you intend to clean in the tight little crevices where they sit on work tops?

A little bit of thought and you'll avoid the pain and expense of tearing out what was a good idea and returning to conformance. Quality speaks much louder than trendy shapes will ever manage. Indeed, the proof is in the word 'trendy'. All trends get tired and boring before long, then you spend your time apologising for your hideous errors!

Style does not translate to fashion. Fashions come and go. Bathrooms and kitchens add a substantial value to a property if care is taken during the selection process. You don't want a prospective buyer to use your choice of bathroom suite to beat your selling price down do you? "I like the house but the bathroom needs redoing!" A truly stylish bathroom will stand the tests of time, durability and acceptability.

Be smart!

Twyford Bathroom Suites

Ideal Standard Bathroom  Suites

Nabis Bathroom Suites