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Bathroom Jargon can be confusing - here are a few simple explanations....


Activity space

The ideal sized space in front of the bath, basin, WC and bidet to allow standing/sitting room and room to move.

Box rim WC

The rim of the WC bowl carrying the water is a tube with accurately positioned holes in the underside. Bowl cleaning is superior because the water flow is used more efficiently and the operation is quieter. Not all WC's have a box rim.

BSIO Cisterns

BSIO means that the cistern has a bottom inlet supply and internally overflows through the WC pan eliminating the need for unsightly pipework.


Specially designed bathroom furniture conceals the cistern, supports the basin and hides pipework, creating storage space into the bargain. Easy to clean and great for compact family bathrooms. The WC and bidet may be described as "back-to-wall".

Ceramic disc taps/technology

Taps which can be turned on or off with just a quarter turn. Ceramic discs inside the tap create o watertight seal and drip-free "off" position.

Close coupled WC

The underside of the cistern rests directly on the back of the bowl creating a compact unit with a low overall height. Some contemporary designs appear almost like a single item.

Dual flush

The cistern offers the option of a water saving or full volume flush. Current UK flush volumes are 4 and 6 litres of water.

Low level/High level WC

The cistern and bowl are separated by a flush pipe and the cistern is fixed either high on the water or (relatively) low.

Monobloc taps

Hot and cold water are mixed and delivered through a single spout.

Offset corner bath

A design with one side longer than the other. Useful when a standard corner bath would be too large for the space available.

Porcelain enamelled steel bath

The ultimate in durability and rigidity - and guaranteed for 25 years (UK and Ireland). Choose from standard and heavy gauge.

Quarter turn taps

Taps which can be turned on full by rotating the handle through 90 degrees.

Semi-recessed basin

A fitted basin which is semi-recessed into a vanity unit or a range of units. May be more comfortable to bend over that a fully recessed vanity basin.

Single lever taps

A single monobloc tap with a lever handle that controls water flow and temperature.

Three hole mixer taps

Separate hot and cold handles blend water through a central spout.

Vanity basin (Countertop)

A fitted basin with only it's rim standing above the countertop.

Vanity basin (Undercounter)

A fitted vanity basin completely surrounded by a countertop, where the basin is clipped to the underside of the countertop.


Indicates the degree of porosity to water of a piece of bathroom sanitary ware. Low levels of vitrification can lead to cracks in the glaze.

Wrap-over seat

The WC seat is designed with a lid that 'wraps over' the seat producing a stylish, easy-to-clean, comfortable design.


Unlike a standard pedestal the 'semi' is mounted on a wall and does not reach the floor. When installing a semi-pedestal the basin must be fixed to a loadbearing wall. If in doubt seek professional advice.

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