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Aqualisa showers

Aqualisa showers offer you a wide choice of options when selecting the most suitable setup for your bathroom. From variable height riser rails to fixed heads you decide which suits best. Aqualisa equipment is easily fitted and serviced which is why they are highly recommended by installers. All Aqualisa products are covered by comprehensive parts and labour guarantees to ensure your total satisfaction.

For your further peace of mind Aqualisa spares are readily available. Should you break anything or need a replacement part throughout your ownership of an Aqualisa you should be able to readily obtain any parts you may require - extending the useful life considerably.


Aqualisa showers at a glance

Aqualisa Quartz wall mounted electric shower with adjustable height handset

Aqualisa Quartz thermo with adjustable riser rail

Aqualisa Quartz 'off the wall' model

Aqualisa OPTO thermo surface mounted shower

Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower

Aqualisa Quartz Thermo shower

Aqualisa Quartz (Digital) shower

Aqualisa Opto Shower

Electric Showers

Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic Shower System

Versatile Thermostatic Shower


Aqualisa AXIS exposed model with adjustable height shower head Aqualisa Aquarian with adjustable height handset Aquavalve 609 Thermo concealed with adjustable head Aquavalve 700 Thermo concealed with adjustable head

Aqualisa Axis


Aqualisa Aquarian shower

Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 shower

Aqualisa Aquavalve 700 brass bodied shower

Digital and thermostatic showers

Manu'/Therm' Mixers

Thermostatic Mixer

Thermostatic Mixer





Spares only available for this model.

Aquatique Thermo exposed with fixed 8 drencher head Aqualisa Aquastream power shower

Aqualisa Aquavalve 900 shower

Aqualisa Aquatique shower

Aqualisa Aquastream power shower

Aqualisa Aquamixa bath shower mixer

Pressure Balancing

Thermostatic Victorian

Power Shower

Bath/Shower Mixer


Aqualisa power shower pumps

Aqualisa Mach Power Shower Pumps

Aqualisa Varispray shower head/handset

Aqualisa Turbostream shower head/handset

Harmony Handset

Power Shower Pumps

Shower Kits

Shower Kits

Shower Kits

To compliment their range of showers take a look at Aqualisa Taps Aqualisa taps



The shower you need to install will depend on your water system.

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