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Vent-Axia Extractor Fans - VA140/150 Range

Extractor Fans for Kitchens and Utility Rooms


VA150 Window and Wall models and VA140 Panel models are designed to alleviate the everyday problems that condensation and household odours may cause. Effectively extracts odours and moisture laden air from kitchen (K) and utility (U) rooms giving a healthy and fresh environment.


The louvred shutter on the VA140 is thermo-electrically operated and is concealed behind the interior grille. Operates automatically when the fan is switched On. Trickle vent facility available on all models.

P models are fitted with an On/Off pullcord which actuates both shutter and fan. Control can be via a remote On/Off switch or through the lighting circuit, as required.

Timer models are fitted with an electronic timer which provides the necessary 15 minute overrun time to comply with Building Regulation requirements for internal kitchens or kitchens that do not have an openable window. Adjustable from 3-25 minutes.



The VA140/150 Range:

Model Description Price
VA140/150KP Single speed 150mm Axial fan for Kitchens and utility rooms. Mains voltage fan with shutters and pull cord control. 70.80
VA140/150KT Single speed 150mm Axial fan for kitchens and utility rooms. Mains voltage fan with shutters and timer control. 86.90
Wall Fixing Kit (white)   18.50
Wall Fixing Kit (brown)   18.50
Window Kit   18.50





216mm 224mm 80mm 146mm 60mm 104mm 152mm   220mm 37mm  

Window Model:

216mm 224mm       130mm 184mm 57mm   37mm 55mm

Panel Model

Panel fixing hole 152mm

Wall Model

Wall fixing hole 152mm

Window Model

Window fixing hole 184mm


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