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Vent-Axia Silhouette 150 Extractor Fan

Extractor Fans for Kitchens and Utility Rooms


The Silhouette range is designed for modern living. With a profile of only 19mm on the kitchen models, Silhouette blends in with the wall surface to provide an unobtrusive installation. Careful design means a white sound spectrum understates the dB(A) sound levels providing optimised sound to performance output.


Mounted in the centre of the fan, beneath the ultra slim profile grille, are the electronics, incorporating a choice of integral control or an overrun timer option that is adjustable between 5 and 30 mins. Silhouette can be ceiling/panel mounted and connected to an appropriate duct run to the outside.



The Sihouette 150 and 150 XT extractors:

Model Description Price
Silhouette 150X Single speed 150mm kitchen fan with neon running light and electric backdraught shutter 68.12
Silhouette 150XT Single speed 150mm kitchen fan with integral adjustable electronic overrun timer (up to 30 mins), neon running light and electric backdraught shutter. 83.62
Wall Fixing Kit (white)   18.16
Wall Fixing Kit (brown)   19.08




200mm 152mm 148mm 51mm 104mm 129mm 220mm 37mm

Silhouette 150

150mm Wall Model

fixing hole diameter 160mm when wall kit is used.








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