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In-Line low voltage Shower Extractor Fan with built-in Light

Low Voltage light and extractor fan for use within the shower cubicle. Heating and Ventilation


This Low Voltage extractor fan kit is supplied with both chrome and white bezels to fit over the built in light on the intake end. The unit is particularly useful for extracting steam directly over a showering area as the intake tastefully illuminates the showering area with its built in low voltage down lighter. The kit lends itself to installations where the ducting passes through a loft area (or in a floor void) and the in line fan can be located somewhere mid way along the flexible duct to the grey external grill.

In line low voltage shower extractor fan with built in light          
Product Price   White and Chrome Bezels
100mm 75.18   Adjustable timer 1-20 mins
125mm 93.98   Extract Rate 85m3/hr
      Low Noise (41dBA)