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Twyford Galerie Design Bathroom Suite


Galerie Design - affordable, modern and versatile. Form and function in harmony. The wide range of products and sizes available generate plenty of choice and numerous design options to fit virtually any situation. Choose free-standing or back-to-wall versions. Gallerie Design has a depth of range and features unprecedented at its price point.

Certain Products in this range feature elements of Total Install

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galwc.jpg (4782 bytes) galwcdi.jpg (6692 bytes)
Standard WC Suite
Code Product Price

GN1148WH WC Pan, HO 198.81
GN2396WH Standard Cistern 6/4L Push Button  128.56
GN7815WH Seat and Cover SS bottom fix hinge 65.19

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galb2wwc.jpg (4272 bytes) galb2wwcdi.jpg (6546 bytes)
Back-To-Wall WC
Code Product Price

GN1438WH WC Pan HO 225.91
CX9501XX Concealed Cistern and fittings SSIO 6L (Push Button) 100.59
GN7865WH Seat and Cover SS bottom fix hinge 65.41
Alternative Cisterns
CX9160XX Concealed cistern and fittings BSIO 6L (Lever Operated) 84.88
CX9250XX Concealed cistern and fittings SSIO 6L 74.22

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galhungwc.jpg (3849 bytes) galhungwcdi.jpg (6259 bytes)
Wall Hung WC
Code Product Price

GN1738WH WC Pan HO 245.71
CX9501XX Concealed Cistern and fittings SSIO 6L (Push Button) 100.58
GN7865WH Wall Hung Seat and Cover 65.41
SR8170XX Supporting Bracket and Fixing Kit
Alternative Cisterns
CX9160XX Concealed Cistern and Fittings BSIO 6L (Lever Operated) 84.88
CX9250XX Concealed Cistern and Fittings SSIO 6L 74.22

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galbasin.jpg (4121 bytes) galbasindi.jpg (8156 bytes)
Code Product Price

GN4361/2WH 650mm Basin 1 or 2 tap 64.17
GN4321/2WH 600mm Basin 1 or 2 tap 56.27
GN4221/2WH 550mm Basin 1 or 2 tap 56.27
SR1018XX Wall Bolts (pair) 15.85
VW4910WH Total Install View Pedestal 43.71
Alternative Pedestal
GN4970WH Semi-Pedestal 50.52

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galcrnrbas.jpg (4922 bytes) galcrnrbasdi.jpg (7226 bytes)
Corner Washbasin 
Code Product Price

GN4841/2WH 550mm Corner Basin 1 or 2 tap 55.10
GN4811WH 450mm Corner Basin 1 or 2 tap 43.44
SR1015XX Wall Bolts (pair) 15.85
WF8606CP Chrome Bottle Trap 23.04

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galsemrec.jpg (4941 bytes) galsemrecdi.jpg (6498 bytes)
Semi-Recessed Washbasin 
Code Product Price

GN4661/2WH 560mm Semi-recessed basin 1 or 2 tap 94.19

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galvanty.jpg (3932 bytes) galvantydi.jpg (6537 bytes)
Vanity Washbasin 
Code Product Price

GN4561/2WH 560mm Vanity Basin 1 or 2 tap 88.28
GN4521/2WH 500mm Vanity Basin 1 or 2 tap 88.28

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galhndrinse.jpg (4146 bytes) galhndrinsedi.jpg (6631 bytes)
Handrinse Washbasin 
Code Product Price

GN4821/2WH 450mm Basin 1 or 2 tap 43.50
GP4960WH Semi-Ped for Cloakroom 50.52
GN4920WH Full Cloakroom Pedestal 41.10