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Bristan Hydropower Varispeed SI 50 booster pump



Bristan Hydropower Varispeed SI Shower booster Pump

Single impellor shower booster pump


Please note:

This model of shower booster pump is being discontinued. Please click here to view new range.


Formerly known as the NewTeam Varispeed SI (single impellor) Shower Pump


Hydropower SI 50 booster pump by Bristan


Product Information:

  • Variable speed single impeller pump driving one supply only. Pump rated at 1.5 bar pressure equivalent to 15 metres (50) head.

  • 15 minute use, 60 minutes rest. Ceramic/carbon seals to ensure longer life and leak-free operation.

  • Boosts one water supply to an appliance or blended water from a shower mixer to a shower head.

  • Pump supplied with flexible 15mm push fit inlet and outlet connections.

  • 115 litres (25 gallon) cold water tank capacity recommended.

  • Under no circumstances should this pump be connected to a mains water supply.

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Bristan Hydropower Varispeed SI Shower Pump price:

171.78 inc VAT



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Varispeed SI shower booster pump





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