Mira Sport Max electric shower

Mira Sport Max - 10.8kW Electric Shower

Powerful electric shower - Mira Sport Max Mira


Mira Sport MAX - The most powerful electric shower available in the UK


Mira Sport Max



The UK's best performing electric just got a boost. A sensational spray experience and performance that you simply won't find from any other electric shower on the market.

  • Advanced pressure stabilised temperature control keeps your selected showering temperature consistent

  • Separate power and temperature controls to fine tune your perfect shower

  • Push button on/off so you can leave the power and temperature controls at your preferred setting

  • Sensi-flo™ prevents scalding in the event of a loss of water pressure or if the showerhead or hose become blocked

  • Clearscale™ technology cuts lime scale by half for a better performing, longer lasting shower

  • Opti-flo™ optimises flow throughout the year

  • Airboost™ - a world first in flow boosting technology

  • Phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make it safe for the next user

  • Large 110mm 4 spray showerhead with rub-clean nozzles for easy lime scale removal

  • Adjustable slide bar fits over holes left by a previous shower kit


MIRA Sport MAX colour options:

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Mira Sport MAX 9.0kW


Mira Sport MAX 10.8kW



Mira Sport Max electric shower