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Controlling the output of a mixer shower on a mains pressure system presents a challenge. Consider... the hot and the cold water both emanate from the same supply, so when you adjust your water temperature dial you mess with the hot and cold pressures increasing one as you reduce the other. Furthermore, everything else that requires water in the property feeds from the same supply, so when another appliance (be it a toilet flushing, a washing machine running, taps, hoses etc) requires water the household system pressure is affected which in turn affects the blend of water in your shower valve. The result is a fluctuation in temperature at the shower head.

To cope with this Mira produce what is known as a 'pressure balancing valve'. By balancing the pressures of the incoming hot and cold supplies the operator is given a fighting chance of achieving a steady output temperature. Please be aware though, a pressure balancing valve only balances pressure. Although this might sound silly you must understand it does not take into account variations in supply temperature. If, for example the hot water gets hotter or the cold gets colder then so will the mix be affected.

For total thermostatic control (where the valve makes internal automatic adjustments to hold output temperature stable) you should refer to the Mira Thermostatic models to be found here.






MIRA Combiforce 415 BIR

MIRA Combiforce 415 BIV

MIRA Combiforce 415 valve only

MIRA Combiforce 415 EV

Mira Combiforce 415 BIR

Mira Combiforce BIV

Mira Combiforce built in valve only

Mira Combiforce EV
MIRA Combiforce 415 Exposed valve only      
Mira Combiforce 415 Exposed valve only      







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