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Mira EVENT shower spares

Service items and spare parts for the Mira Event all-in-one power shower

Mira Event XS PCB

Mira Event Manual PCB

 Mira Event Manual Knob Set



no image available



Part No: 453.08

Part no: 209.92

Part No: 916.39



Mira Event Manual Mixer Assembly

Mira Event Manual pump motor assembly

Mira Event PCB

Part no: 209.70

Part No: 209.71

Part No: 453.09

This pump motor assembly is suitable for the Mira Event manual power shower (Not XS or Extreme models).


Mira Event solenoid assembly

Mira Event thermostatic knob set

Mira Event thermostatic mixer control

Mira Event Thermostatic Knob Set

Part no: 453.13

Part No: 211.37

Part No: 211.38

  Suitable for the Mira Event Thermostatic model power shower.

Mira Event thermostatic pump motor assenbly

Mira Event thermostatic speed control

 Mira Event XS manual cartridge

Part No: 211.60

Part no: 211.61

Part No: 453.02

This pump motor assembly is suitable for the Mira Event thermostatic power shower (Not XS or Extreme models).


Mira Event XS manual temperature knob

Mira Event XS pump motor assembly

Mira Event XS thermostatic cartridge

Part no: 453.18

Part No: 453.03

Part No: 453.01


Mira Event XS thermostatic knob set




Part no: 453.16

Part No:

Part No:


Other spares available for this model. Please call


Other popular Mira shower spares

Mira Response

(Handset only)

Mira Response clamp

(Bracket only)

Mira Shower Hose

Reflex clamp bracket

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